Upcoming Chinese Dramas September 2020

I’ve been quite happy with the selection of Chinese dramas lately that seems to have something for everybody. With “Shall we go hiking together?” becoming a nationwide meme in China due to The Bad Kids, iQIYI’s Light On Theater is back with its newest suspense thriller, Sisyphus. Meanwhile, the new dramas coming to primetime also deserve some buzz. Misaeng Chinese remake Ordinary Glory is Mark Chao’s long-awaited comeback to TV while To Dear Myself is Liu Shishi’s comeback drama after giving birth.

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upcoming chinese dramas sep 2020

Sisyphus (Sep 2 iQIYI)

Sisyphus is known in Greek mythology as the king who was condemned to repeatedly roll a boulder up a hill only for it to roll down again. This story follows a father who is stuck in a time loop as he desperately tries to find his daughter’s killer. Starring Wang Qianyuan, Luhan, Qi Xi, Bridgette Qiao Xin, Wu Yue and Zhang Haoran.

ordinary glory

Ordinary Glory (Sep 4 Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, Youku)

A workplace drama that follows a manager who has been repeatedly passed over for promotion and his new intern. They work hard to make it in the financial sector in Shanghai. Starring Mark Chao, Bai Jingting and Bridgette Qiao Xin.

to dear myself

To Dear Myself (Sep 7 Hunan TV, MGTV)

A story about young people in the city and their experiences involving work, family and love. It follows three women in different stages of their lives, how they overcome the problems they face and come into their own. Starring Liu Shishi and Zhu Yilong.

Marry Me Chinese web drama

Marry Me (Sep 9 iQIYI)

A story that follows a Ju Mu’er, a blind musician on a mission to find justice for her teacher’s death. Her journey brings her face to face with the wealthy Long Yue and they pretend to be husband and wife while in pursuit of the case. Their fake relationship soon turns real when they start to fall in love. Starring Xing Zhaolin and Xiao Yan.

promise of chang'an

The Promise of Chang’An (Sep 10 Tencent)

A story that follows a young woman who once naive and carefree who matures into a wise ruler. Hers is a legendary journey about overcoming trials and tribulations to become the empress dowager of the Great Sheng nation. Starring Cheng Yi and Zhao Yingzi.

Reunion: The Sound of the Province Season 2 (Sep 13 iQIYI)

Wu Xie found out in Warehouse 11 that his Uncle Sanxing got some information about the secret of the thunder whispers in the section of unredeemable goods. So once again, the Trio and Bai Haotian went to Thunder City following Uncle Sanxing’s trail. But as the secret of the thunder whispers was gradually revealed, a conspiracy which was hidden for a long time also loomed ahead of them… (source: iQIYI) Starring Zhu Yilong and Mao Xiaotong.

dating in the kitchen sep 25, 2020

Dating in the Kitchen (Sep 15 Tencent)

A delectable romance follows the story of the foodie CEO with a sharp tongue and a female chef. Starring Lin Yushen and Zhao Lusi.

The Long Night (Sep 16 iQIYI)

It follows a prosecutor who has made countless sacrifices in the past ten years to find the truth about a case. Starring Liao Fan, Bai Yu, Tan Zhuo and Ning Li.

Heroes in Harm’s Way (Sep 17 CCTV-1, iQIYI, Tencent, Youku)

It is based on seven touching real-life stories that emerged during the time when China banded together as a nation to face the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020

The Journey Across the Night (Sep 21 Youku)

It tells all kinds of thrilling yet touching encounters that Li Jia and his roommates experienced. As a student in Hong Kong, Li Jia visits Repulse Bay, Wan Chai and different locations to look for a place to rent. Starring Joseph Zeng Shunxi and Cherry Ngan.

run for young

Run for Young (Sep 24 Bilibili, Huanxi Premium)

A story about the youth of this millennium follows a group of students who encounter ups and downs in the marathon of life. Starring Peng Yuchang, Zhang Jingyi, Leon Leong and Zhou Yiran.

Love Is Sweet (Sep 27 iQIYI)

It follows the story of a girl named Jiang Jun who meets her close childhood friend, Ma Yuanshuai, in the workplace—this time, however, not as an ally but as a rival… Starring Leo Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu.

Great Age (Sep 27)

A tech entrepreneur together with his friends set out to take advantage of the opportunities presented by introducing innovations and reforms to the state of technology at the cusp of modernization. Starring Feng Shaofeng and Yuan Shanshan.

With You / Together (Sep 29)

It is composed of ten stories of ordinary people coming forward to fight the COVID-19 epidemic at the epicenter of Wuhan, China.

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