Wang Qianyuan and Luhan’s Sisyphus to Premiere as Part of iQiyi’s Light On Theatre

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Happy Friday folks! A bit of an update for anyone who has been patiently waiting for Wang Qianyuan and Luhan’s new sci-fi thriller Sisyphus 在劫难逃, iQiyi has finally announced a premiere date for next week.

The drama stars Wang Qianyuan as the former police captain Zhang Haifeng investigating the death of his daughter Duo Duo portrayed by actress Bridgette Qiao Xin. Luhan on the other hand takes on the challenge to play a darker persona aka the villain Zhao Binbin in Sisyphus. The drama also features Qi Xi, Wu Yue and Zhang Haoran.

Sisyphus Wang Qianyuan

Recently, Luhan has been getting quite the attention thanks to the positive buzz surrounding his performance in Cross Fire where he plays a frazzled e-sports player barely keeping it together for his team. It’s certainly a big departure from the polished idol exterior. And now, as the villain in the show, it will be interesting to see how he fares.

Light On Series

Sisyphus is iQiyi’s latest offering under their Light On Theatre initiative featuring six upcoming suspense thrillers in the lineup. The web dramas will be released one after the other with three out of the six – Kidnapping Game, The Bad Kids, and Crimson River already out on the streaming platform. The Bad Kids in particular made headlines after being considered by some as China’s homegrown version of noir.  It also spawned memes with its “shall we go hiking together?” tagline. A euphemism for murder after the killer hiked his parents to the summit and pushed them off under the guise of  “posing them” against the spectacular backdrop for a photograph. Unfortunately for him, his almost perfect murder was witnessed and accidentally filmed by three kids.

More than the ruthless murder itself, the series opened the doors to discussions about the importance of upbringing and how families mould and influence a child’s values and behaviours (hence the title Bad Kids).

Sisyphus Luhan

Sisyphus Synopsis

The 12 episode series tells the tale of Zhang Haifeng, a former captain in the police force now living in a daze after the death of his only daughter Duo Duo two years ago. When a serial homicide case in the city unexpectedly reveals new evidence that could be connected to Duo Duo’s case, Zhang Haifeng wastes no time to find out the truth. However, an encounter with the murderer gets him shot. But instead of dying, he wakes up in a strange time loop in the past. Zhang Haifeng decides to take advantage of the situation. But little did he expect to be confronted by unpredictable truths and the added complexities of time loops.

Release Date: September 2, 2020

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