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Fans of historical romance rejoice as two have announced their October premiere dates as of today. Caesar Wu who’s starred in costume dramas since Meteor Garden is back with another in General’s Lady. Meanwhile, I’m admittedly more excited for The Moon Brightens for You just because it is Xing Fei’s first historical drama and my first time seeing her in a role that I assume will be adorably badass. China will celebrate its national holiday on Oct. 1 which probably means a slew of patriotic themes coming soon so I’d be curious what kind of dramas will be in store.

Please remember to check back for air dates on the upcoming Chinese dramas for the month.

the moon brightens for you chinese dramas

The Moon Brightens for You (Oct 6 iQIYI)

It follows the wuxia love story of Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong as they share experiences, grow together and eventually journey towards becoming the leader of the martial arts world. Starring Alan Yu Menglong, Xing Fei and Merxat Mi Re.

general's lady chinese dramas

General’s Lady (Oct 9 Youku)

A notorious general and an aristocrat’s daughter hold each other’s hands to spend a lifetime together whilst protecting what’s precious to them. Starring Tang Min and Caesar Wu Xize.

Sniper (Oct 9 Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, Tencent, iQIYI, Youku, MGTV)

Two legendary snipers with a seamless partnership find themselves on opposite sides due to differences in values and beliefs. One dangerous mission brings about a deadly battle that takes place in the shadows. Starring Huang Xuan, Chen He, Ora Yang Caiyu and Li Xirui.

Living Toward the Sun (Oct 12 Hunan TV, MGTV)

It is based on the story of young cartoonist Xiong Dun who encounters double setbacks in love and the workplace. In the face of adversity, she bravely fights her illness and spreads positivity with her infectious smile. Starring Vengo Gao and Jiang Xin.

line walker 3

Line Walker 3 (Oct 12 Tencent)

Bao Seed engages in drug trafficking in Thailand. Unaware of Ah Deng’s whereabouts, he is shocked to learn that she has died and promises to avenge her. Starring Raymond Lam, Michael Miu and Kenneth Ma.

The Blooms at Ruyi Pavillion (Oct 21 iQIYI)

A story that follows Fu Rong, a daughter born from a family of goldsmiths who runs from her own wedding and meets a prince. Starring Ju Jingyi and Zhang Zhehan.

Dear Mayang Street (Oct 22 Youku)

Set during a time of reform in 1980’s China is a story about youth and love that revolves around ordinary people on Mayang street and the changes they undergo in the span of 30 years. Ou Xiaojian is a bad boy who dates Ma Xiaoxiao, a school girl in the neighborhood. Yi Dongdong has had a crush on Ma Xiaoxiao from the moment they met. Starring Timmy Xu, Seven Tan and Niu Junfeng.

jiu liu overlord

Jiu Liu Overlord (Oct 23 Tencent)

The lives of people from two different social classes never intersect. Li Qingliu is a silk merchant who leads the upper elite while Long Aoyi leads the lower class consisting of the entertainers, seamstresses, candy sellers and thieves. They are pitted against each other but have to push aside their prejudices to solve a case of burglary that shakes the city. Starring Bai Lu and Leon Lai Yi.

Hikaru No Go (Oct 27 iQIYI)

Shi Guang gets possessed by the spirit of master Go player Chu Ying. Under Chu Ying’s  influence and guidance, he makes an enemy out of the school Go club’s resident genius Yu Liang after besting him in a few games. Starring Hu Xianxu, Zhang Chao and Hao Fushen

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