THE9’s Kiki Xu and Liu Yichang Join Legend of Yunxi Couple Ju Jingyi and Zhang Zhehan in their Reunion Drama

The Blooms at Ruyi Pavillion 如意芳霏 is turning out to be full of surprises. After previously announcing that The Legend of Yunxi couple Ju Jingyi and Zhang Zhehan have signed on to play an onscreen couple for the second time in another historical romance drama no less, the drama which has already wrapped filming finally introduces the rest of the cast and it might be doubly interesting for you as it was for me if you’re a fan of Youth with You 2.

liu yichang, xu jiaqi, wang youshuo
Liu Yichang who plays Esther Yu’s leading man in I’ve Fallen For You signs on as the second lead. You may also recognize Wang Youshuo from the cast as he played Tang Li in Legend of Yunxi.
Youth With You’s Kiki Xu Jiaqi who successfully debuted as part of the newly-formed girl group THE9 plays the second female lead. Given that the drama is produced by Star48 Culture Media Group, it’s not at all surprising to see so many idols. Ju Jingyi herself is a former member of SNH48. Xu Jiaqi is also from SNH48 and a member of its subgroup 7SENSES. What comes as a shock to me is how I never recognized that she was Chu Qingge in Legend of Yunxi, a vengeful princess who was caught between feelings of love and hate for the emperor that she marries. 
The Blooms at Ruyi Pavillion is about a girl who wants to control her own destiny and meets a proud and arrogant prince along the way. It is adapted from the novel Chong Hou Zhi Lu 宠后之路 by Xiao Jia Ren 笑佳人. Also in the cast are SNH48 member Jiang Shan, Wang Yiting, Yang Dan, SNH48 member Song Xinran (also a Youth with You alum!), Gong Beibi and Lan Xi
the blooms at ruyi pavillion
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