Upcoming Chinese Dramas November 2020

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drawing sword liang jian 3: Lei Ting Zhan Jiang

Bright Sword 3: The Lightning General (Nov 3 Hunan TV, MGTV, Tencent, iQIYI)

It tells the story of Wang Yunshan and his comrades who fought and were successful in stopping the enemies’ advances. In the battle of Huaihai, they rallied Guo Xunkui to their side to liberate Sichuan. Starring Leon Zhang Yunlong, Lai Yumeng and Vengo Gao Weiguang.

The Legend of Xiao Chuo (Nov 3 Beijing TV, Tencent)

A story that follows the legendary life of Xiao Yanyan who is forced by circumstances to bid goodbye to an old lover and marry a man she does not love. Her journey leads her to become the revered empress of the Liao Dynasty. Starring Tiffany Tang Yan and Shawn Dou Xiao.

insect detective

Insect Detective (Nov 3 Youku)

Insect toxicology graduate Tan Jingtian is inadvertently pulled into a bizarre case. He meets forensic doctor Jin Ling and as they dig deeper, he also uncovers the mystery behind his own identity. Starring Gala Zhang Yao, Chu Yue and Ma Ke.

you are so sweet cdrama

You Are So Sweet (Nov 5 Youku)

A story that opens its doors to the Chinese dubbing industry for the first time and follows a rookie and her toxic boss. Starring Eden Zhao Zhiwei and Sun Yining.

Fearless Whispers (Nov 6 CCTV-8, Tencent, MGTV)

A story revolving around a fresh graduate who holds an idealistic view of what’s right and wrong, yet realizes that the very institution he chose to serve falls heavily onto a gray area caught in the struggles during chaotic times. Starring Li Yifeng, Jin Chen and Niu Junfeng.

something just like this cdrama

Something Just Like This (Nov 8 iQIYI)

The son of a retail tycoon and an e-commerce livestreamer join hands in a road to realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. Starring Johnny Huang Jingyu and Wu Jinyan.

The Deer and the Cauldron (Nov 15 CCTV-1, Youku, iQIYI)

During the reign of Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Wei Xiaobao, a young man from the bottom rung of society, relies on his extraordinary wit to climb the ranks in the palace. Starring Zhang Yishan, Tang Yixin and Zhang Tianyang.

The Best of Times (Nov 16 Hunan TV)

It tells the story of dedicated individuals who work together to research and develop new technologies to push China’s high-speed railway system to the international stage. Starring Chen Xingxu and Hu Bingqing.

To Love cdrama

To Love (Nov 19 Youku)

A story that follows people whose lives are entangled due to a complicated case. While investigating a drug cartel as an undercover cop, Yan Jin falls in love with the beautiful coffee shop owner Ji Xiao’ou. Starring Lin Gengxin, Gai Yuexi and Du Chun.

The Wolf (Nov 19 Tencent, iQIYI, Youku)

The story begins when a princess meets a wolf boy. Many years later, the wolf boy has become the ruthless Bo Wang and their love is caught between complicated machinations for power and vengeance. Starring Darren Wang, Li Qin, Xiao Zhan and Xin Zhilei.

Half a Lifelong Romance (Nov 20 Tencent, iQIYI, Youku)

It revolves around an ill-fated romance and messy entanglements that befalls two sisters in Shanghai during the 1920s and 1930s. Starring Carina Lau, Jiang Xin, Joe Cheng and Guo Xiaodong.

twisted fate of love

Twisted Fate of Love (Nov 23 Tencent)

It follows two lovers and two friends who used to be like brothers in a story about ushering a new era governed by a benevolent king. Starring Sun Yi and Jin Han.

Irreplaceable Love (Nov 27 Jiangsu TV, Youku)

Having lost his own family, a man devotes his life to protecting his new family and the person that becomes his ‘sister’. Starring Sun Yi and Bai Jingting.

Healer of Children (Nov 30 Beijing TV, MGTV, Youku)

It tells the story of a group of pediatricians who in order to protect and prolong the lives of children do their best to heal them. Starring Chen Xiao and Olivia Wang Ziwen.

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