Fearless Whispers

Fearless Whispers
Fearless Whispers Li Yifeng
Fearless Whispers is a 50-episode drama set in the Republican era. Following the success of Sparrow, Li Yifeng returns with another spy thriller as a university student joining the police force. Together with Gina Jin Chen, Niu Junfeng, Wang Longzheng, Kira Shi Shi, Wang Xiaoyi, Li Xiaoding, and Li Qiang, they take the audience back to the civil war in China and explores the cruelties of the time.

Fearless Whispers Gina Jin Chen
Gu Yaodong (Li Yifeng) is a fresh graduate from the police academy. He becomes a young and idealistic policeman yet the harsh truths of reality hit him hard as he opens his eyes to the injustice around him. Together with Shen Qinghe (Gina Jin), he starts to play a role in the war between the Communists and the Kuomintang. 

I didn’t finish watching Sparrow since it was quite long but it definitely didn’t disappoint. As Fearless Whispers opens the idea of the idealist and naive youth maturing to see the world beyond the black and white, maybe I will watch out for this series soon.

Release Date: TBA

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Fearless Whispers Wang Longzheng

Fearless Whispers Niu Junfeng

Fearless Whispers

Fearless Whispers

Fearless Whispers

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