Chen He ‘s Guest Appearance in Sisters Who Make Waves Finale Threatened by Boycott

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Chen He Guest Appearance Causes Waves

Tonight, it’s time to bid a fond adieu to the indefatigable jiejies who’ve all made summer 2020 a bit more interesting whilst vying for the top spot in the comeback survival show Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐. To add a little extra spice to tonight’s performances, special guests like Jason Zhang Jie, Cai Xukun, Zhou Shen, Ayunga, NEXT, Sun Jian, Chen He, Yin Zheng, Liang Jing, Li Chen, Zhang Youhao and Yang Di have all been lined up. Surprisingly however, Chen He was the one that ended up making waves even before the show started as Netizens threatened a boycott once his participation was announced.

For a show that aims to promote and celebrate female independence, inviting a man who’s rumoured to have cheated on his wife seems to send the wrong kind of message according to Netizens unhappy with the pick. If you all remember, Chen He married his wife Xu Jing after 13 years of dating. Unfortunately, the marriage barely lasted for more than a year when the couple divorced in 2014. While the actor maintains that it was an amicable split, speculations of cheating were rife. Especially after he was photographed dating his now wife Zhang Zixuan while she was still married. His once thriving career has never been the same again since the scandal.

Meanwhile, others have surmised that his inclusion in the guest roster was purely a management decision made by his company. Both he and finalist Jin Chen are being managed by Mountain Top, hence appearing as part of her friends and family in the show shouldn’t be blamed entirely on the show says some of the commenters.

With so many against his appearance on the show, Chen He put up a new post on his Instagram account which some have pegged as his response to the boycott. Simply captioned “Just Smile“, the photo shows a back view of himself wearing a black sweatshirt with the words “keep smiling” emblazoned across the back.

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