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Watching live street basketball games? Check. The entire neighborhood gathered in front of the street’s sole television set? And an analog one at that? Double check! If you’ve fallen in love with the hit South Korean Reply series, chances are Timmy Xu Weizhou, Seven Tan Songyun and Niu Junfeng’s soon to be released retro drama Dear Mayang Street 亲爱的麻洋街 might also turn out to be your jam .. and right on time for throwback Thursday too!

Timmy Xu as Ou Xiaojian
Timmy Xu as Ou Xiaojian

Set in Guangzhou during the early 80s, the drama is a throwback to simpler times for six families who all live in Mayang Street. And similar to Reply, the show’s timeline also gives viewers a glimpse of the characters’ lives thirty years later. Despite many of us not having been born yet, there surely are some bits and pieces in the drama that will have you all fondly remembering your childhoods by.

Tan Songyun as Ma Xiaoxiao
Seven Tan Songyun as Ma Xiaoxiao

Dear Mayang Street Synopsis

Join Ou Xiaojian, Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao as they show you around Mayang Street in this 37 episode long series.  Timmy Xu plays resident bad boy Ou Xiaojian. He’s what most mums would often warn their kids against – the curfew breaking motorcycle riding rebellious type that makes Ma Xiaoxiao’s heart pound with all his kisses! Talented and intelligent, the future looked promising until he suddenly dropped out of the police academy, thus beginning his downward spiral into gang fights and alcohol. Meanwhile, Yi Dongdong played by Niu Junfeng is Ou Xiaojian’s complete opposite. He is the gentle boy next door and remains to be Ma Xiaoxiao’s most loyal friend. Despite falling in love with Seven Tan Songyun’s character Ma Xiaoxiao at first sight, he put his attraction in the backseat knowing that Xiaoxiao likes Xiaojian.

Trouble increasingly comes knocking on Ou Xiaojian’s door and Ma Xiaoxiao is very worried. When an unexpected incident forces her to reevaluate her life, what difficult choices will she be forced to make?  

Niu Junfeng as Yi Dongdong
Niu Junfeng as Yi Dongdong

Dear Mayang Street also features Shi Ke, Jiao Gang, Kong Lin, Ning Wentong, Tian Min, Chang Kaining, Mu Liyan, Yin Zhixuan, Hu Haobo and Ma Dongyan.

Tan Songyun seems to be having a bit of fun in the retro genre what with her latest work Go Ahead being compared to Reply 1994 and now this. Not that I’m complaining of course because a nice throwback to simpler and carefree times is just the thing to get our mind off this limbo we find ourselves in for 2020. In any case, keep an eye out for Tan Songyun in her brand new historical drama Jin Xin Si Yu 锦心似玉 with Wallace Chung that just wrapped recently.

Release Date: October 22, 2020 (8 pm on Youku)

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