Healer Of Children (2020)

Healer Of Children (2020)
healer of children chinese medical drama
Medical dramas have always had a staple audience over the years. No surprise there as doctors are among the most noble professions. Their job is literally to save lives and that’s already an intriguing subject matter at the onset. Apparently, China’s National Radio and Television Administration approves as Healer Of Children 了不起的儿科医生 has been included among its recommended dramas for the next three months. 
In Healer of Children, we will get to see a specific field of medicine – Pediatrics. It stars Chen Xiao (Nothing Gold Can Stay), Olivia Wang Zi Wen (Bureau of Transformer), Jia Qing (The Legendary Tycoon), Yu Xiaowei (Glory of Tang Dynasty) and Yue Yao-lix (Granting You A Dreamlike Life) in a 40-episode drama that aims to give a glimpse into the world of children’s healthcare.  

healer of children chinese medical drama Olivia Wang Ziwen
The story follows Jiao Jiaren (Olivia Wang), whose life was saved by pediatrician Gu Lifeng (Yue Yao-li) when she was a kid. Jiao Jiaren makes it her dream to become a doctor like Gu Lifeng.  Gu Lifeng, now a director at Tongxin Hospital sees the potential in her.  He recruits her to be part of the prestigious Tongxin pediatric department where she realizes that she still has a lot to learn. 
healer of children chinese medical drama Chen Xiao
Among the best and the brightest, she becomes ordinary but it doesn’t weigh her down nor lessen her will to help others. With her perseverance and determination, Jiao Jiaren and her colleagues Deng Ziang (Chen Xiao) and Gu Jiaren (Jia Qing) fight against illnesses to give children a future that they deserve.
healer of children chinese medical drama Jia Qing
To make Healer Of Children more realistic, producers have consulted members of the Chinese Medical Association for input.  The cast also went to a pediatric hospital to experience firsthand how it was like to work as doctors. I’m sure most of us have encountered our fair share of medical dramas that usually come with plenty of drama on its own. With the amount of realism they seem to be going for, it looks like we may get to see the nitty gritty of being a doctor. 
Release Date: Nov 30, 2020 Beijing TV, MGTV, Youku 
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