Chen Xingxu Stars Opposite Hu Bingqing in Newest Project after Goodbye my Princess

Chen Xingxu Stars Opposite Hu Bingqing in Newest Project after Goodbye my Princess
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One should never mix business with pleasure but in the new romantic drama The Best of Times 最好的, it seems that mixing business with romance might just be the formula for success.  Let’s take a peek into the lives of three young professionals, Lin Zhenyi and her two handsome colleagues (and eventual swains) Li Yangfeng and Tan Jingzhou as they push the boundaries of China’s high speed railway technology to a whole new level. 

Many of you might recall the love-hate relationship you had with actor Chen Xingxu’s character in Goodbye My Princess. Well he’s back with a new look this time around to redeem himself and hopefully get back on your good side in this modern drama. But wait, is he a hard-hat wearing repairman or a suited test pilot in the show?

chen xingxu the best of times

the best of times chen xingxu
Hu Bingqing joins Chen Xingxu as The Best of Times’ leading lady whose role as project lead in the company was replaced by newly returned from abroad Tan Jingzhou played by Yu Haoming. Hu Bingqing’s character sure is a lucky gal with the two good looking and extremely capable suitors vying for her heart! 

Long time fans of the Chinese film industry might also take notice of veteran multi-awarded actor Wang Xueqi in one of the stills below. From the looks of him in his swivel chair and suiting, he’ll be playing a company heavyweight in this drama. Off topic, I didn’t know he was in Iron Man 3!

hu bingqing leading lady the best of times

yu haoming second lead the best of times
Although the show has the elements of a love story thrown in, the romantic angle is secondary as The Best of Times is shaping up to be quite different from the flooffy and youthful idol romcoms currently en vogue. I’m not saying that this drama will be heavy (or less for that matter), it’s more that the drama leans a tad patriotic to coincide with events in the lead up to the 70th anniversary of modern China’s founding in October. 
chen xingxu leading man the best of times
hu bingqing leading lady the best of times

cast the best of times

wang xueqi cast the best of times
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