New Pairings and Reunions in Something Just Like This Starring Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan

New Pairings and Reunions in Something Just Like This Starring Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan
we are young cast
The upcoming romance drama, Something Just Like This 青春创世纪, formerly We Are Young, has wrapped its 106-days of filming as of August 11 and with it comes a fresh pairing between Johnny Huang Jingyu and Wu Jinyan who are working together for the first time. 

we are young cast Johnny Huang Jingyu
Johnny Huang Jingyu oozes with charisma as the wealthy Duan Ran who finds potential in e-commerce livestreaming platforms and acquires a company. I dunno with you guys, but I personally find the actor very suitable as a CEO because he gives that egotistic, i-get-what-i-want kind of vibe.
we are young cast Wu Jinyan
Acting alongside him is Wu Jinyan as Qian Xixi who is his opposite in terms of family background, yet she grew up living with Duan Ran and his fuerdai family. Hmm, her semi-untucked outfit is giving me an impression that we can expect quite a bit of spunk from her. (fingers crossed!) She ends up in the e-commerce industry by chance with Duan Ran as her boss!
But! That’s not all that the new series has to offer as it brings together some unexpected connections from the supporting cast which include Xuan LuXu LiCao YuchenLiang Dawei and Wang Maolei
we are young cast Xuan Lu
we are young cast
we are young cast
we are young cast Cao Yuchen
Fans of The Untamed can at least get some closure at seeing Xuan Lu who has officially become everyone’s favorite shijie (senior sister) and her onscreen partner Cao Yuchen in a drama together. However, let’s not get our hopes up since there may or may not be any romance between the two. Cao Yuchen plays the heroine’s high school classmate whose arrival is crucial to helping her company. 
we are young cast Wang Maolei
Another reunion comes in the form of Wu Jingyan and Wang Maolei who were former friends turned enemies in Story of Yanxi Palace. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of relationship they will have here. 
we are young cast
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