Bai Lu Brings the SASS as She Bickers with Lai Yi in Jiu Liu Overlord

Jiu Liu Overlord

Love is Sweet actress Bai Lu is pretty much conquering autumn 2020 as another one of her dramas, Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 gears up for an October 23 (Friday) release! If you’ve missed her sassy comebacks and tongue in cheek banter, you’ll be pleased to know that she has taken a page out of her spunky character in The Legends to play Long Aoyi in Jiu Liu Overlord.

She stars opposite Leon Lai Yi who finally plays the leading man after several supporting roles in recent years with his most recent one being the gaming drama The King’s Avatar. Judging from the little video teaser, their collaboration looks highly promising! Did you see the way she shushes him inside his own carriage? That was super cute and 100% Bai Lu. The actress’ amazing ability to have chemistry with her co-stars has often been remarked upon in the past.

Bai Liu as the Overlord of the Dragon Gang
The Overlord of the Dragon Gang

As head of the largest gang in the city, Long Aoyi is a veritable spitfire as she shows the arrogant and aristocratic Li Qingliu who’s boss. When circumstances call for them to work together to locate some missing gold thread, the monumental clash of personalities (and social classes) between the brash hoyden and the aristocratic silk merchant (or should I say enterprising royal?) will ensure Jiu Liu Overlord is bound to be a fun watch for everyone. To sweeten the pot, look forward to Alan Fang Yilun’s Prince Li for a bit of eye candy as well as Xu Muchan’s Du Xiaoxian, Zhai Zilu’s Yan Bin and Hou Peishan’s feisty and kick arse Xiao Qin in this 48 episode drama.

Leo Lai Yi
Silk Merchant or Prince?

Release Date: October 23 on Tencent

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