Mid-Series Review: 5 Reasons to Watch Love is Sweet

Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu in Love is Sweet
Mid-Series Review: 5 Reasons to Watch Love is Sweet

We have all seen this in dramas: the female lead is willing to cross all rivers and traverse all rocky roads to be with her ultimate crush – the male lead. For some reason, it hits differently when it’s the other way around. That is exactly what currently airing C-drama Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是傷 is all about. Top it with the dog eat dog world of investment banking and with an unforgettable secret crush to make a sweet recipe. It is even sweeter that it is headlined by such versatile and talented actors in Leo Luo Yunxi (Ashes of Love) and Bai Lu (Arsenal Military Academy).

Note: Potential spoilers ahead so please read at your own risk.

Despite being an avid drama-watcher, I was never one to binge-watch unless the drama has very addictive elements. From the first episode and now that we’re halfway through, Love is Sweet has definitely passed my criteria because of these:

Mid-Series Review: 5 Reasons to Watch Love is Sweet

Lovable cast. We already know that the leads can easily bait us into watching but the supporting cast is no different. Gao Hanyu (The King’s Avatar) and Riley Wang (First Romance) as the other male leads are a treat to watch. No one will have a difficult time developing second lead syndrome towards Gao Hanyu’s Du Lei. While Riley Wang’s Li Xiaochuan is like a big baby that you want to protect. He makes a cute pairing with Shane Xiao Yan (Little Nyonya), who is leading towards becoming one of my favorite best friends in dramaland.

Mid-Series Review: 5 Reasons to Watch Love is Sweet

Excellent music. What’s a good drama without good music? It’s a great touch that three of its cast members contributed to the album. These include Gao Hanyu, Riley Wang, and Ariel Ann (Du Lei’s mentor/fake sister). The songs fit in the scenes well and the lyrics resonate with the story, especially with the leads.

luo yunxi bai lu couple

High quality production. It was this official drama trailer that really lured me to watch this drama. I was just in awe of how every shot seemed to be well-thought of. The post-production team worked hard to highlight the actors’ emotions. The glamorous cityscape of Shanghai as cherry on top made it even better!

luo yunxi bai lu couple

Surprisingly important character. Whoever said that great things come in small packages is telling the absolute truth. This adorable furball just adds more sweetness to the love story of Luo Yunxi’s Yuan Shuai and Bai Lu’s Jiang Jun. Wangcai the Corgi will be enough for you to keep going in this drama!

luo yunxi bai lu couple

Leads’ explosive chemistry. The kind of sweetness that this drama portrays is not the cringe-worthy type that you might see in usual romance dramas. What Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun have is a mature kind of understanding and care for each other. Of course, all that maturity also has lots of playful and childish bantering in between. That’s what even makes them super enjoyable to watch.

At this point, I have no complaints about this drama at all. If Love is Sweet maintains all the elements that I’ve mentioned above, then it will surely add to my list of favorites this year. I’m beyond glad that I made the right decision to check this drama out despite being busy. It’s also a very bad decision for me to watch it now because I just cannot wait for the new episodes to come!

luo yunxi corgi

Ending my review with an adorable photo of this father-daughter tandem! Are you also watching Love is Sweet? What are your thoughts on it so far? I would definitely love to know!

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