Line Walker 3 Marks Raymond Lam’s Return and Introduces Kenneth Ma as the Villain

Line Walker 3 FI
Line Walker 3 Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma

Six years after the original’s release, Cheuk Sir and his team of undercover agents are finally back with the long awaited sequel, Line Walker 3. The third installment to the popular franchise also marks another happy occasion, this being Raymond Lam’s first official drama following his return to the TVB family last year.

Line Walker's Bao Seed

In Line Walker 3, Raymond will continue to play Bao Seed, another one of Cheuk Hoi’s covert operatives tasked to infiltrate the triad. His romantic interest Siu Ka on the other hand won’t be in the picture since actress Charmaine Sheh wasn’t available due to scheduling conflicts.  Michael Miu of course reprises his role as Cheuk Sir, the team’s handler slash master puppeteer.

Line Walker 2 maybe touted as the prequel, but the past soon catches up with the present as Benz Hui and Pakho Chau’s characters also make its way into LW3. The biggest new addition to the cast though is Kenneth Ma’s silver fox who’s said to be related to LW2 baddie Victor played by Moses Chan. Things will surely get interesting since Kenneth transforms into a villain for the role – something he very rarely takes. Supposedly, Kenneth and Raymond’s characters will have an epic showdown at the very end.

Line Walker 's Kenneth Ma is a silver fox

Line Walker 3 stars Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Benz Hui. It also features Pakho Chau, Yuan Weihao, Huang Cuiru, Huang Zhiwen, Cai Sibei and Zhang Zhenlang.

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