Vengo Gao and Jiang Xin Revisit Cartoonist Xiong Dun’s Fight Against Cancer in Living Toward the Sun

Living Toward the Sun
Living Toward the Sun

Vengo Gao Weiguang is proving to be quite the quadruple threat this year with three of his dramas –Miss S, Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns and Eternal Love of Dream already out in the world and another one about to hit the screens as soon as To Dear Myself ends! I am of course talking about Living Toward the Sun 向阳而生, the drama adaptation of the box office hit Go Away Mr Tumor 滚蛋吧!肿瘤君 about cartoonist Xiong Dun’s struggle with the big C. Vengo Gao appears in the drama as Lin Zhiheng, Xiong Dun’s doctor and romantic interest whilst actress Jiang Xin plays the role of Xiong Dun.

Xiong Dun’s comic series Go to the Devil, Mr Tumor served as the original inspiration for both the film starring Bai Baihe and Daniel Wu and the drama adaptation starring Vengo Gao and Jiang Xin. And what really captured people’s hearts and made it standout however is her upbeat personality and infectiously optimistic spirit in the face of her dreary cancer diagnosis.

Vengo Gao

Living Toward the Sun Synopsis

Living Toward the Sun tells the story of young cartoonist Xiong Dun who bravely fought cancer with a big smile on her face and a positive outlook.

Moving to Beijing with big dreams of becoming a cartoonist, she finally settles down with a shiny new job and a home. While the days are hard, she is happy surrounding herself with her loved ones. Life for Xiong Dun takes a hard turn when she finds herself saddled with a cheating boyfriend and a bit of trouble in her career. It was also during this period that she started feeling unwell. Xiong Dun learns she has a tumor after a trip to the hospital to get herself checked out. With her family, friends and doctors all cheering her on, she finds the strength to soldier on and live her life fully. It also stars Dan Lin, Gao Xuyang and Mi Lu.

Jiang Xin

Bai Baihe Retains Ties with Xiong Dun’s Family

In recent news, clearly it wasn’t just Xiong Dun who captured hearts with her positivity. It appears her parents also made a deep impression on actress Bai Baihe, the girl who played Xiong Dun in the film Go Away Mr Tumour as she still kept in touch with Xiong Dun’s parents through the years.

2015 film go away mr. tumor

According to the author’s dad, they still exchange messages on WeChat with Bai Baihe and update each other on the phone. The actress also sends them various nutritious items that are good for their health. In 2016 at considerable expense to herself, she invited them both to visit the US and took care of the itinerary for them. And whenever the couple drop by Beijing for a visit, Bai Baihe always made sure to set aside some time from her busy schedule to have a meal with them. “Not only is she a good daughter on screen, she is also a good daughter in real life” praised Xiong Dun’s dad.

Release Date: October 12, 2020 primetime on Hunan TV and MGTV

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