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To Dear Myself 's Liu Shishi and Zhu Yilong

Joining the ranks of female-centric dramas currently on the rise is Liu Shishi’s comeback drama To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己. The project heralds the actress’ long awaited return to the industry following a long hiatus, this being first on her list after maternity leave. To sweeten the pot, To Dear Myself boasts an impressive who’s who in its cast and crew. There’s director Ding Hei and screenwriter Su Xiaoyuan who previously brought us Nothing Gold Can Stay; then there’s also the casting lineup which includes actor Zhu Yilong fresh on the heels of his successful portrayal of Wu Xie in Reunion: The Sound of the Providence as well as Kan Qingzi, Peng Guanying, Li Zefeng and Chen Miqi also to consider. Trust me you wouldn’t wanna miss this even if the genre isn’t your typical cup of tea.

To Dear Myself Cast

To Dear Me Synopsis

To Dear Me is a 45 episode series depicting the struggles young urbanites face during their golden years. Li Siyu (Liu Shishi) and boyfriend Chen Yiming (Zhu Yilong) have been in a long term relationship since forever. Glamourous in appearance, Siyu appears to have a promising future ahead when in fact she’s battling tremendous pressure in her career and facing challenges as cracks begin to appear in her long term relationship.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhizhi (Kan Qingzi)  and Gu Xiaoling (Chen Miqi) find themselves in a different situation from Siyu. Zhizhi is an ordinary office worker whose life revolves around her family. However her husband Liu Yang (Peng Guanying) rocks her little bubble with his stubbornness and actions. Beautiful Xiaoling on the other hand focuses all her energy to resolve her marital situation and in the process meets new “guy pal” Lei Haowen (Li Zefeng). Three couples at the prime of their lives struggling to find happiness and fulfillment with the sparkling bustle of Shanghai as its backdrop.

Release Date: September 7 on Hunan TV , Mango TV

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