Heroes in Harm’s Way : China’s Pandemic Themed Drama and Xiao Zhan’s Comeback

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If there’s anything this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, it’s that heroes don’t always wear capes. Yes, we face challenges to our health and to “life as we know it”, yet heroes from all walks of life have continued to rise up and inspire us with their kindness, sacrifice and bravery. Showcasing real stories from real people, the CCTV produced drama Heroes in Harm’s Way 最美逆行者 aims to pay tribute to these everyday heroes and frontliners.

If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, it does indeed bear similarities to Together (lit.) 在一起, another COVID-19 themed anthology starring Lai JiayinYang Yang and Jin Dong amongst the others. The format too is also similar, with HiHW comprised of a collection of seven short stories. In this case though, I don’t really mind the similar nature of the two shows because these unsung heroes fully deserve to have their moving stories told.

Heroes in Harm's Way Press Con

What’s also noteworthy about the drama is that three generations of influential actors have all banded together to translate these amazing stories of human resilience and hope into the small screens. Heroes in Harm’s Way features Yang Zhigang, Yu Yi, Hu Ke, Chen Shu, Ma Tianyu, Han Xue, Kan Qingzi, Shane Xiao Yan, Xu Jiao, He Minghan, Li Yixiao, Jiang Yan, Sa Rina, Xiao Zhan and more.

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Xiao Zhan’s Comeback Drama

The drama does indeed feature Xiao Zhan as this marks the The Untamed actor’s return to the small screens following the backlash from the AO3 controversy that saw him taking a step back earlier in the year. He will be appearing in the short story Happy Community (lit.) 幸福社区 and if you watch the trailer closely enough, he’ll be making a quick cameo just before the two minute mark.

Catch a sneak peak at the drama’s trailer here.

Release Date: September 17, 2020 CCTV-1

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