Xiao Zhan’s Studio Issues Apology Due to Controversy Surrounding His Fans

If you’ve been a fangirl for a long time then chances are you’ve encountered fanfictions or you’ve even written one before. 
And a series as popular as BL-novel based The Untamed with two handsome leads Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo naturally did not escape the fanfic world. Stories like what could have been or what happened after the finale were made by fans for fans and were posted on different websites, one of them is Archive of Our Own or AO3, a popular haven for fanfic writers to let their imaginations go wild. 

However, it seems like many of Xiao Zhan’s supporters were offended by the stories and protested that all of them should be taken down especially those that focus on their idol’s romance with male characters claiming that it is disrespectful and staining Xiao Zhan’s image. It easily made an uproar online with some people defending fanworks.
Coincidentally on February 29, the AO3 website became inaccessible in China. AO3 said that the problem does not lie on their end resulting in the speculation that Xiao Zhan’s fans reporting the site led to its shut down whereas some are saying that the outcome was actually due to the Chinese government’s attempt to purge explicit media content falling under the category of queer.
Although the actor himself is innocent, his studio took responsibility and issued a statement: Hello everyone, this is Xiao Zhan Studio. The discussion about Xiao Zhan’s fans have caught our attention recently, for taking up a portion of public resources and causing everyone trouble, we extend our deepest regrets and apologies to those affected by this. 
We are very grateful for the support and love fans have for Xiao Zhan. At the same time we sincerely call out, all the love should be positive and productive, hope that everyone can chase after their idols within reason. While looking after their personal safety during this epidemic, let’s work hard together to support the community and bring about positivity. 
As the whole country fights the epidemic, Xiao Zhan has been in isolation at home and actively supports the control measures to fight the epidemic. Hope everyone can resume work safely and live happily, peacefully, working hard for a better tomorrow! – Xiao Zhan Studio March 1, 2020″
There’s nothing wrong with fanfictions, writing them is just another way of showing how much a show or book has affected one’s life. If you don’t like it, skip it but don’t rain on anyone’s parade.
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