Cheng Yi’s Historical Drama The Promise of Chang’An Premieres As Love and Redemption Ends

The Promise of Chang'An

It’s been a while since I fell for a fantasy romance that I loved to bits and I’ve found it in Love and Redemption which will air its series finale for viewers availing advance episodes tonight. Cheng Yi, in particular, has won hearts for his role as Yu Sifeng, and it looks like there’s no need to wait for his next project as historical drama The Promise of Chang’An 长安诺 will also premiere tonight, Sep 10! The summary has spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

The Promise of Chang'An cast

The Promise of Chang’An Summary

It follows the story of Helan Mingyu (Zhao Yingzi), a clever and resourceful woman as she climbs the ranks to become the empress dowager.  The 9th prince Xiao Chengxu (Cheng Yi) is the love of her life. However, news that he ‘died’ in battle is purposely sent back to the palace and Mingyu is forced to marry the 3rd prince Xiao Chengrui (Han Dong) instead. Upon his return, Xiao Chengxu helps his brother establish the great Sheng dynasty.

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Xiao Chengxu’s merits become his weakness. Upon learning the truth behind his mother’s death, Xiao Chengxu is determined to take revenge. Alas, his brother dies of an illness before Xiao Chengxu can succeed. Xiao Chengrui gives the throne to his son Xiao Qiyuan (Zhao Dongze) leaving Xiao Chengxu no choice but to support the newly-crowned emperor. As Qiyuan matures, he becomes unwilling to fall under Xiao Chengxu’s control and grows to hate his mother’s affair with his uncle. Spoiler alert: Xiao Chengxu dies in war! Xiao Qiyuan spends his whole life entangled in love and dies with his favorite concubine Dong Rongxuan (Yang Chaoyue). Once again Helan Mingyu holds the hand of a little emperor who takes the throne.

A Mini Love and Redemption Reunion

If Sifeng was the tortured hero in Love and Redemption, this really feels like another tragic journey for the male lead! Although it is Cheng Yi and Zhao Yingzi’s first collaboration as an onscreen couple, you might remember that Zhao Yingzi played the Dongfang master’s crazy wife Jing Rong in Love and Redemption.

liang jingxian

It also stars Han Dong, Liang Jingxian, Han Chengyu, He Zhonghua, Wu Jingjing, Liu Mengmeng, Zhao Wenhao, Zhao Dongze and more. Yang Chaoyue who plays the love interest of Xiao Qiyuan will appear in the later episodes. The former Rocket Girls idol turned actress has been taking leading roles as of late with Dance of the Phoenix and Midsummer is Full of Love hitting the screens in recent months. The Promise of Chang’An is actually Yang Chaoyue’s first drama.

Zhang Rui, Huang Youming, Lu Xingyu and Yang Jinxuan make a special appearance. Veteran actors Wang Jinsong and Wang Lin who so frequently appear as the emperor and empress in various historical dramas also star. If you’re paying attention, you’ll also catch other love and Redemption characters like Wu Tong, Liu Dage, Wu Zhiqi and Xuan Ji’s dad.

Release Date: September 10, 2020 Tencent (2 episodes every Thursday to Saturday at 8pm, 6 episodes released in advance for VIP)

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