The Long Night Ends on a High, Bai Yu Impresses with His Emotional Performance

The Long Night

It’s web series The Long Night ’s 沉默的真相 finale tonight and what better way to end it than with a bang! All five of the suspense thrillers in iQiyi’s ongoing Light on Theatre initiative – Kidnapping GameThe Bad Kids, Crimson River, Sisyphus and now The Long Night have so far managed to dominate the “hot list” this summer, with all five scoring a Douban average of 8.1 points .. not a bad showing at all for the lineup right?

The Bad Kids in particular was even touted as China’s own version of noir and generated a lot of buzz online about the effect of upbringing and psychology on a person’s values and motivations. But even The Bad Kids (8.9 points) didn’t quite score as high as The Long Night which nabbed an all time high of 9.2 points even before its finale! Both are based on novels by author Zi Jin Chen 紫金陈.

The Long Night's Jiang Yang

The Long Night Synopsis

From the very beginning The Long Night cleverly baited its viewers with its layers upon layers of information. The brilliantly woven plot takes us on three narratives. The first one with Yan Liang pursuing the circumstances of the dead body in the big case; the second taking viewers back to a young Jiang Yang investigating the death of Hou Guiping; and the third taking us even further when Hou Guiping sought justice for an innocent girl but ended up losing his life. What’s interesting here is how the scenes managed to seamlessly transition into the different timelines thus allowing the protagonists of multiple timelines to overlap.

Liao Fan portraying the police investigator Yan Liang while Bai Yu plays prosecutor Jiang Yang. Actor Ning Li plays the part of Jiang Yang’s lawyer friend Zhang Chao who was seen by multiple witnesses attempting to dispose of a big case containing a dead body.

The Long Night

Bai Yu’s acting is particularly good in this drama and as Netizens have pointed out, worth every tear soaked tissue. Despite his character Jiang Yang being framed and imprisoned for two years, falling ill and struggling to make ends meet by repairing mobile phones, he never gave up on Hou Guiping’s case.

And can I just point y’all to that scene of him frantically looking for his lost wallet? That was such an iconic scene, you’ll be bawling and reaching for that box of tissues in no time! With the multitude of plot twists and turns to the amazing acting from its stars, it’s no wonder that this action packed short series has had viewers at the edge of their seats waiting for the big reveal!

The Long Night where Jiang Yang loses his wallet

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