Fresh Couple Pairings in New Costume Romance Dramas

Fresh Couple Pairings in New Costume Romance Dramas
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There’s really no rest even for the weary because despite it being the (7th) ghost month in the lunar calendar, several dramas have already started to pick up the pace in their filming activities. Before anything else, what’s interesting to note is that despite the restrictions set for historical and idol dramas, they remain just as hot as the concept of the two dramas below proves. I suppose the studios are predicting demand from viewers will be voracious after easing out of the hundred day ban.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at some fresh talent pairings in C-Ent who are set to hopefully wow us with their onscreen chemistry in these upcoming dramas. 

xing zhaolin shane xiao yan
After two The Eternal Love installments with leading lady Liang Jie (and a third with their just wrapped Fated to Love Youremake), Xing Zhaolin finds his newest on screen partner in Shane Xiao Yan as the two have begun filming for their new drama Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 on Aug 18
Expect hilarity to ensue as our couple takes us along for a merry ride (boisterous bickering included) from the moment they fall in love to the moment they tie the knot in Marry Me. With the drama seemingly a return to Xing Zhaolin’s rom-com roots, Shane’s naturally cute image in her previous dramas The Legend of White Snake and The Legends makes her the perfect foil to Xing Zhaolin’s character in this new historical romantic comedy. The drama also stars Nie Zihao, Huang Yilin, Li He, Liu Yitong, Qiu Shilun and Li Xinbo.

xing zhaolin xiao yan

Meanwhile, wuxia romance drama The Moon Bright for You 明月曾照江东寒 has kicked off filming on Aug 19 with Alan Yu Menglong and Xing Fei at the helm. Based on author Ding Mo’s novel of the same name, the story calls for a male lead whose uninhibited exterior hides a deeply keen mind out for revenge and a quirky young heroine who has the ability to see through his veneer. 

alan yu menglong
Actress Xing Fei first drew attention with her cute characters in youth dramas such as Put Your Head On My Shoulder so this role seems to be tailor-made for her.  And with the new drama being a historical, it’s really a good move since it allows her to her test her skills in a completely different genre. Crossing my fingers the chemistry between Alan Yu and Xing Fei will work out just as beautifully as their other onscreen pairings!
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