Lin Yushen and Zhao Lusi Star in Drama Version of the 2017 Romantic Comedy This Is Not What I Expected

Fresh from the success of sleeper hit The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Zhao Lusi switches gears with the modern rom-com Dating In The Kitchen 我喜欢你. Lin Yushen on the other hand has amassed quite a lot of fans as Yang Xiao since Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre 2019. The two will play two extremely different characters with the male lead being a sharp-tongued and an arrogant business and with the female lead being a carefree and a zany chef-to-be. Despite disagreeing in everything, both of them eventually fell in love thanks to their common denominator – food!

If the plot sounds familiar, it’s because you might have already seen or heard about it from This Is Not What I Expected, a 2017 romance-comedy film starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu. Both are based on the novel Finally I Get You 终于等到你) by Lan Bai Se 蓝白色. Staying true to the title of the original work, it seems like the casting formula is the same for both the movie and drama where both the actor and actress are unexpectedly paired to match their fictional characters.
Filming has already been completed despite the first poster being released only recently:
Judging from the drama’s poster, the 18-year age gap between Lin Yushen and Zhao Lusi is barely evident and it even gave me an impression that their photo already exuded chemistry. This was the total opposite of how I felt when I checked out the movie version since the 19-year gap between its leads was more obvious.
I have yet to find a drama with a cooking or food as a theme that I liked despite being a foodie myself. Oftentimes, I would see dramas just using cooking as an excuse to insert their dragging story lines and actually forgetting that the audience came in for the food too. On a positive note, I’m pretty sure that this drama will make us salivate with its foodgasmic delights just like how the film did it! With the leads’ potential chemistry, I hope that it will be another great reason for us to check out the drama because after all, who wouldn’t want to see an unexpected pairing sharing their love for food?
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