Bai Lu Sheds a Few Tears After Love is Sweet Wrapped Filming

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Earlier this week, the tight knit cast of the drama Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 bade a bittersweet goodbye to each other as filming finally wraps up for the romantic drama following the slight delay caused by the coronavirus lockdown. And spotted livening up the last set? It was Leo Luo Yunxi who plays Yuan Shuai in the drama giving his leading lady Bai Lu an impromptu  twirl .. okay I’m not sure what that “pick up twirly” attempt was  but he very definitely carried Bai Lu in his arms like they do in the movies with an arm under her legs and another around her back. *UwU*

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Bai Lu fondly posted a beautiful message to her cast mates through social media, reminiscing about the wonderful time she had with the people she considered family and how thoughts of wrapping up Love is Sweet always made her cry.
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“What does the drama Love is Sweet mean for me? In the last few days, every time I hear the term wrapping up, it’s hard for me not to get all choked up. Before filming the very last scene, the crew asked whether we wanted to have dinner first or finish filming first.  I said, let me eat first, and when I am full, then I can cry my eyes out. I’ve been in nine dramas already, but this is the first time I covered my face and burst into tears when the project wrapped” writes the actress.
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“How close are we as a group? From the actors, to the director to the crew, it’s like we’re all a big family. There are times when you can really see that everyone is really tired. But as soon as we start working, it’s like we’ve all caught a second wind and make jokes to liven up the atmosphere. Laughter is the norm on set. So in playing Jiang Jun everyday, I am very content.”
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Indeed it looks like the cast were pretty tight and had plenty of good times with each other, getting into various shenanigans which mostly involved plenty of dancing action and filming tik-toks with Luo Yunxi and other cast mates like Shane Xiao Yan, Gao Hanyu and An Weiling
As the actress said, this is the happiest crew she’s ever worked with in any of the nine dramas she’s already been on. And I for one can’t wait to see how this happy chemistry translates itself into their work.
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