“The Legend of Anle” Is the Latest Addition to the Chinese Dramas Airing This Summer

If C-dramas are going for that shock factor, Youku appears to have it in the bag after making a surprise airdrop with The Legend of Anle. The first time pairing of Dilraba Dilmurat and Simon Gong Jun plus a reunion with The Long Ballad’s Liu Yuning, this time as the sickly second lead who’ll do anything for the heroine, continues to be a much awaited release. Even before Zhao Lusi and Chen Zhe Yuan’s Hidden Love had completed its run, speculation was already running rife that the costume historical will soon be stepping into Hidden Love’s time slot. But last week passed and still no premiere. Then, the drama’s rumoured air time at 6pm today, July 12, quietly went by too. But just as everyone thought the show won’t air, it suddenly dropped a couple hours later.

The Legend of Anle Synopsis

The Legend of Anle is adapted from author Xing Ling’s novel Di Huang Shu 帝皇书. Orphaned after the entire imperial family was wiped out after being falsely accused of treason ten years ago, Di Zi Yuan reinvents herself as the pirate Ren Anle. In order to clear her family’s name and to avenge their deaths she schemes her way into Crown Prince Han Ye’s employ.

Meanwhile, crown prince Han Ye was the childhood sweetheart of Di Zi Yuan. After her entire family was wiped out, he felt guilty and promised to protect the orphaned daughter of the massacred emperor for the rest of her life. Ten year later, he is impressed by the intelligence of the female pirate Ren Anle whom he unexpedtedly met after travelling to the late emperor’s hometown to get rid of pirates.

As they return to the capital, Anle with her secret mission to clear her family’s name, starts to develop feelings for Han Ye. But will the past betrayals between their families get in the way of their happily ever after?  New complications arise as an imposter comes to the capital laying claim to the throne.

All These Drama Releases in China Make a Very Intense Summer

Summer has always been a busy time in C-dramaland, and this year is already proving to be pretty jam-packed. The busy season kicked off with Hidden Love, Destined and Snow Eagle Lord from the three big streaming platforms Youku, iQIYI and Tencent. Subsequently, Twilight, Divine Destiny, both of which star Angelababy, as well as Yang Yang and Wang Churan’s anticipated Fireworks of My Heart have all been released with barely any heads-up or with just few days notice at most. In fact, when Tencent released episodes of The Longest Promise, they did it without any announcement at all.

The Legend of Anle which has the combined star power of Dilraba and Gong Jun is yet another strong addition to the many number of dramas already airing. Also rumored to premiere are Cheng Yi’s The Lotus Casebook and Love You Seven Times on iQIYI, possibly Xu Kai and Jing Tian’s Wonderland of Love or Yang Zi’s Lost You Forever on Tencent, and Young Blood 2 on Mango TV.


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