“Lost You Forever” Teases Yang Zi’s Three Love Interests

Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei and Tan Jian Ci star in Lost You Forever
Photo: Lost You Forever / Weibo

After six months of filming, fantasy series Lost You Forever 长相思 finally wrapped this September after 6 months of filming. In addition to a first look at the cast in costume, the drama also obliged everyone with an intriguing BTS to whet our curiosity.

Lost You Forever stars Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei and Tan Jian Ci along with Dai Luwa and Wang Hongyi. And yes, that is indeed three leading men. The little teaser the BTS clip offers seems to hint that Yang Zi has been paired up with three potential beaus. Ultimately though, only one will walk away with the girl. But who will it be?

As the drama adaptation of author Tong Hua’s novel of the same name, it appears the author herself has also stepped in as the drama’s screenwriter. Dare we hope that means there shouldn’t be much deviation from the book then? Maybe so. It is also the sequel to Once Promised, aka A Life Time Love which starred Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song.

Lost You Forever Synopsis

In ancient times when humans, gods and demons all lived together, the three kingdoms of Shen Nong, Xuan Yuan and Gao Xin ruled supreme. In her wanders, Gao Xin princess Ji Jiuyao aka Xiao Yao lived through a hundred years of hardship, losing her identity and her appearance in the process. She eventually settles in Qing Shui Town and disguises herself as a man named Wen Xiao Liu.

Into Qing Shui town three men come a-knocking. Her cousin the prince Cang Xuan, who travelled all over in search of his missing cousin. Then the young heir of the Qing Qiu tribe Tu Shanjing whom she accidentally rescues from a certain death. She also meets the nine headed demon Xiang Liu whom from an enemy becomes a confidant. That encounter in Qing Shui town will change their destinies forever.

As of press time, the BTS video has already been viewed 37.06 million times as interest continues to grow. Likewise, it appears engagement too has been off the roof with more than 40 thousand comments and 1.7 million likes already.

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