Liu Shishi Fans Halt Activities In Protest Over “A Journey To Love” Elevating Liu Yuning?

A Journey to Love
A Journey to Love LIu Shishi Liu Yuning

Filming for A Journey to Love has barely started and yet trouble has already come a-knocking. Fans of the drama’s female and male leads, Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning seem to be at loggerheads after Shishi’s fans expressed their dissatisfaction that her position as the drama’s main headliner remains unclear. As you know, whoever gets top billing is no simple matter as fan wars have exploded in the past over it especially when a production puts together two uber popular actors to star in a series. Earlier this week, the actress’ various fan groups announced they’re temporarily halting activities to protest.

As a veteran A-lister in the industry, fans say that production should’ve made Liu Shishi’s position as the main headliner very clear right from the get-go. Unfortunately, this week’s casting announcement and the drama’s official poster completely fell short of expectations as even her image on the poster didn’t emphasise this. Despite being smack in the centre, fans say an enlarged image of Liu Shishi could’ve made a bigger impact than the one production put out.

A Journey to Love Poster Liu Shishi
Photo: A Journey to Love / Weibo

Liu Shishi’s Team Promises to Protect Her

After all, Netizens pointed out that Liu Shishi’s inclusion in the series was what catapulted it from a standard drama to a top tier one (S+ class). Compared to Liu Shishi, Liu Yuning is a relative newcomer who’s only just begun building his acting career after transitioning from an internet celeb and singer.

Meanwhile, in a short statement, the actress’ team said that Shishi’s roles and her works are their number one priority and that they will prudently use this as their guiding principle to make decisions. Moreover they promised to safeguard the actress’ interest and will take everyone’s reasonable suggestions into consideration when taking action towards the development of her career.

However, to prevent the escalation of hostilities between fans of the two actors, the studio encouraged everyone to speak rationally and to maintain a healthy environment on social media.

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