Yang Zi and Kris Wu’s The Golden Hairpin Drops Poster, Unclear Top Billing Becomes Cause for Debate

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Didn’t I say before that putting two popular stars with large fanbases in one drama might prove to be challenging? And I guess I’m right since the small screen adaptation of The Golden Hairpin 青簪行, the first drama to have Yang Zi and Kris Wu paired up, is causing quite a stir. 

The ruckus started with Yang Zi’s manager’s now-deleted post that said, “Do your best and the rest is up to the heavens (尽人事, 听天命)” This led to the conclusion that the manager may be pertaining to the top billing for the new drama going to Kris Wu, which naturally sparked debate as fans of both stars would want their idol to get top billing. 
Kris Wu’s manager, Huang Bin, also wrote a midnight post on his social media account with a cryptic message. It was difficult to understand what he’s pointing at or if it’s an answer to Yang Zi’s manager’s now-deleted post. He said something about the relationship between idols and their fans, wondered about what it means to be a manager and talked about things that make a drama like the director, the cast and the crew. He also talked about moving forward with courage and respecting the collaboration (between the two leads, perhaps?). 
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But! Before we get lost in the middle of it all, let me just clarify that there has been no official announcement about who gets the top billing from the horse’s mouth. In fact, when the drama poster was dropped yesterday, the main leads were not even tagged in the Weibo post aside from a caption stating that the two stars share the same birth month and birthday! It seems to be the production’s way of staying away from problems that may arise if they decided the top billing right now which I think is a very cowardly move. 
The two leads themselves seem to be unfazed and even tagged each other in their posts calling the other their character’s name. I just hope that this wouldn’t cause any friction between Yang Zi and Kris Wu’s working relationship since I know that even though there are bashers, there are plenty would would look forward to seeing them together.
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