Yang Chaoyue and Ding Yuxi Live Through Lifetimes in New Xianxia Drama “Love You Seven Times”

Yang Chaoyue
Qi Shi Ji Xiang Guan Xuan starring Yang Chaoyue and Ding Yuxi

Spring has sprung! Well, at least that’s what the cotton candy coloured posters of Love You Seven Times 七时吉祥 starring Yang Chaoyue and Ryan Ding Yuxi remind me of.

The series is based on author Jiu Lu Fei Xiang’s novel Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes 一时冲动,七世不祥. Many of the author’s works have been adapted into dramas from 2019’s The Legends to upcoming ones like Back from the Brink, Cang Lan Jue and The Blue Whisper.

Yang Chaoyue

In Love You Seven Times, the heroine Xiang Yun, Yang Chaoyue’s character, was originally a cloud turned into a fairy by Yue Lao aka the god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology. That definitely explains the cotton candy tones in the posters. Meanwhile, Ding Yuxi’s Chu Kong accidentally broke into Yue Lao’s Pavillion. Whilst quarrelling with Xiang Yun one time, they unintentionally messed up Yue Lao’s red thread thus wreaking havoc in the Three Realms.

Ding Yuxi
Yang Chaoyue and Ding Yuxi star
Yang Chaoyue and Ding Yuxi

Now if you’re familiar with mythology, you’ll know that Yue Lao is the god in charge of the “red thread of marriage” – an invisible red chord that binds your finger to your true love. Thus begins their cycle through seven lifetimes to fulfill the Jade Emperor’s punishment before they can return to the heavenly realm.

The series produced by iQIYI and Stellar Pictures shared photos from its boot ceremony on March 1. Yang Chaoyue has starred in a number of costume dramas in recent years and also has another upcoming xianxia in Chong Zi. On the other hand, this will be the first xianxia for Ding Yuxi who rose to fame after The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

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