Yang Chaoyue and Xu Zhengxi Depict a Master-Apprentice Romance in “Chong Zi”

Chong Zi stars Yang Chaoyue and Xu Zhengxi

Stay tuned for a Yang Chaoyue and Xu Zhengxi collab as their upcoming xianxia entitled Chong Zi 重紫 already wrapped filming last month. The series has dropped another batch of stills of the cast as part of Tencent’s press event held recently.

Chong Zi Synopsis Reminiscent of Journey of Flower

Adapted from Shu Ke’s novel of the same name, Yang Chao Yue plays the demon king’s daughter Chong Zi. Although she is pure and kind-hearted, people only see her for her “dark blood”. After being saved by the immortal Chu Bufu, she was determined to enter Nan Hua to cultivate but was turned away because of her blood. The venerable Luo Yin Fan (Xu Zhengxi) steps forward to claim her as his only disciple. The two grow close with Chong Zi becoming more reliant on Luo Yin Fan and him promising to protect her. However their relationship is put to the test when Chong Zi was imprisoned and Luo Yinfan is forced to sacrifice her.

Reincarnated, Chong Zi returns to Nanhua where Luo Yin Fan immediately recognises her. In order to protect her, he binds the evil within her and keeps her close to his side as master and apprentice. However, fate once again comes a-knocking and Chong Zi becomes a target once more to machinations. This time however, Chong Zi demonic nature emerges as she gives in to her rage. Will Chong Zi and Luo Yin Fan be forever destined to fall in love and be forced into different sides?

Yang Chao Yue and Xu Zhengxi

If the plot sounds a wee bit familiar .. you may be right as not a few Netizens have already commented that it’s heavily reminiscent of Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying’s The Journey of Flower. An innocent miss born with the immense potential to darkness and saved by an immortal male lead? Check.  Said miss turned away from cultivating with a sect because of her dark blood? Check. Immortal male lead then offers to become her master to train her as his disciple? Check. And then … she unleashes her dark side after everyone turns against her .. it does sound familiar right?

Chong Zi also features familiar faces from two of the biggest hits in the BL genre. There’s Ma Wenyuan and Li Daikun from Word of Honor. And then, from the cast of The Untamed, there’s Wang Zhuocheng. The series also stars Deng Wei, SNH48 member Lin Siyi, Gao Han and Yang Xinying.

Song of the Moon is Based on Chong Zi’s Sister Novel

Meanwhile, Chinese video platform iQIYI also announced that they’re popping out another xianxia entitled Song of the Moon 月歌行. It is adapted from yet another one of Shu Ke’s works entitled Ben Yue 奔月. The story it is based on is Chong Zi’s “sister” novel which takes part 20,000 years later, though it’s not clear how faithful the live-action will be to the source novel. Song of the Moon featuring Vin Zhang Binbin and actress Xu Lu has already completed filming in January of this year.

Chong Zi sister drama Song of the Moon
Photo: Song of the Moon / Weibo

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