Xiao Zhan Talks About His Character in The Untamed

Xiao Zhan Talks About His Character in The Untamed
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With Xiao Zhan shooting up to fame because of The Untamed, it’s not surprising that he’s always getting asked the question of what attracted him to the role of Wei Wuxian. With the intense developments in recent weeks explaining what happened before the time jump and bringing us 16 years into the present, the actor shared some of his own sentiments about Wei Wuxian. [spoilers ahead] 

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According to Xiao Zhan, he doesn’t see Wei Wuxian as some fictional character made up of words. For him, Wei Wuxian is a living, breathing person. He used to list out Wei Wuxian’s perpetual warmth, unwavering principle, optimism and kindness to describe the character. It’s been a year since he filmed the drama, and he realized that it’s not an accurate depiction of Wei Wuxian’s qualities. He is someone whose shines as bright as the sun. 

He adds that Wei Wuxian is always smiling. No matter what the situation is, he’ll put on a happy face and that has doomed him to a life of burden. Like a firework that brightens the dark night, but as the crowd marvels, falls and dissipates. 
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Xiao Zhan explains that the family mantra of doing what cannot be done has sown the seeds of chivalry in Wei Wuxian. After being brought home by Uncle Jiang and experiencing the destruction of the Lotus Pier, the loss of his loved ones, the loss of his golden core, being thrown into the burial mound, starting in the path of demonic cultivations and becoming the monster of everyone’s reproach, Wei Wuxian was forced to mature and had no choice but to be stronger despite being blamed again and again.  

xiao zhan wei wuxian wei ying
In his wish to help the weak and innocent, Wei Wuxian chose to leave as a traitor in order to protect the people that he was indebted to. He knew that there was no turning back and that he will no longer be accepted as a result. The promise between the three people in Lotus Pier was broken the moment he decided to walk down a dark path alone. All this happened when he was still a teen.
Wei Wuxian never wanted to that kind of life yet he didn’t have a choice but to uphold a promise that he made.  Lan Zhan and Shi Jie were his beacon of hope in dark times. And in the end, he would still laugh because he has finally found his own light
Xiao Zhan ends by saying that no matter how much time has past, he hopes that people could give Wei Wuxian a hug and tell him that he is really very good, that his deeds were not in vain and that Wuxian would never have to walk the dark path ever again since he himself is the brightest existence. 

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