Bai Lu Falls for Ao Ruipeng’s Demon in “Chasing the Moon”

Bai Lu and Ao Ruipeng Go from "Enemies" to Lovers in "Chasing the Moon"

It’s officially go time for Chasing the Moon 白月梵星, the drama adaptation of Xing Ling’s Bai Shuo Shang Shen 白烁上神. As the title suggests, the story follows the cultivation of its female protagonist Bai Shuo. She is the goddess of the stars and the moon who is reincarnated as the youngest daughter of a general. She works her way towards immortality to repay a debt of gratitude. Meanwhile, it’s a love-hate relationship between Bai Shuo and her romantic interest, the demon Fan Yue.

This is another one from the author behind Ancient Love Poetry and The Last Immortal, so the characters may already be familiar to some. The series stars Bai Lu and Ao Ruipeng who were both all smiles at the boot ceremony this week. The 29-year-old actress already had a hit earlier this year as a heroine also in love with a “demon” in TIll the End of the Moon. Her co-star Ao Ruipeng went from a supporting role in the highly-praised The Blood of Youth to male lead in Wrong Carriage, Right Groom. It seems he’s still waiting for that big break and what better opportunity than a xianxia.

Bai Lu and Ao Ruipeng Go from "Enemies" to Lovers in "Chasing the Moon"

Visually speaking, these two look great together and won’t have any problems gaining new fans for their CP. But also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty Bai Lu looks with her curly hair and soft makeup? Looking at the white deer on the drama’s poster and the little hair “antlers” she’s sporting if you look closely enough, how fitting is it that Bai Lu whose name literally means “white deer” is the one to bring the character to life?

Aside from the drama’s main leads, Dai Luwa who played the lovable “brat” in Lost You Forever takes the second female lead again. Meanwhile, although Chang Huasen is not in the photos, he was also in the casting lineup. Hong Kong director Chu Yui-Bun whose previous works include The Blue Whisper, The Starry Love, The Long Ballad and Ashes of Love just to name a few also reunites with Bai Lu after Story of Kunning Palace.

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