“The Blue Whisper” Director on the Multitude of Kissing Scenes and Allen Ren Jialun’s Muscle Suit

Kissing Scenes A-Plenty Between Dilraba Dilmurat and Allen Ren Jialun in "The Blue Whisper"

Dilraba Dilmurat and Allen Ren Jialun’s The Blue Whisper 与君初相识 may have just premiered recently, but it’s already caught attention from the prodigious amount of kissing seen in just the few episodes that have aired (one had the main couple suddenly kissing mid-air!). Remember when people were complaining about the non-existent smooches between Dilraba and Wu Lei from The Long Ballad which Zhu Ruibin 朱锐斌 also directed? Perhaps this is his way of making it up to audiences.

In an interview, Zhu Ruibin said he likes to inject something new in each of his projects. “For example, in my last series (The Long Ballad), many viewers said ‘why didn’t it have any kisses!’ That’s why this time, there’ll be lots and lots of kisses and in many ways too! I’ll give the audience lots of breakthroughs, featuring many different ways of kissing. There’s something for everyone to see!” Yep. That confirms it folks, expect to see a lot of smooches between Dilraba Dilmurat and Allen Ren Jialun.

Allen Ren Jialun muscle suit in the blue whisper
Scenes from The Blue Whisper / Youtube Croton MEGA HIT

Resorting to Wearing a “Muscle Suit” Is Unprofessional Behaviour?

Another thing that’s been receiving a lot of chatter online is Allen Ren Jialun’s “muscle suit” he’s wearing in The Blue Whisper. Seeing that Ren Jialun plays a merman in the series, scenes of him not wearing a shirt are inevitable.

However, even before it aired, Netizens already noted how his torso appeared quite “unnatural” from BTS photos and clips released. They even dug up photos of him with a weird line on his neck different from his skin colour leading them to suspect he “cheated” a bit. As a result, the actor has been on the receiving end of criticism for being unprofessional and ill-prepared that they had to use a muscle suit to make him appear more ripped.

When asked for his reaction about it, Zhu Ruibin reassured everyone that contrary to what people have been saying, Ren Jialun has been nothing but professional. The muscle suit simply boils down to ensure he looks “proportional” against the mermaid tail which is fairly large. Hence the muscle suit had to be worn to make his proportions look better. Moreover the director praised him for being dedicated. He said they filmed the series in summer yet Ren Jialun powered through whilst wearing the bulky muscle suit which really couldn’t have been easy.

Zhu Ruibin have worked with both leads before – Dilraba in The Long Ballad and Ren Jialun in Legend of Chusen.

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