“Story of Kunning Palace” Pairs Bai Lu with New Leading Man Zhang Linghe

Kunning Palace
Story of Kunning Palace

Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe are teaming up for the first time ever to bring us the upcoming historical drama Story of Kunning Palace 宁安如梦. Adapted from the novel A Lady’s Tranquility by Shi Jing, the series kicked off filming last May 21. Production recently dropped a brand new poster to give everyone their first look at Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe’s couple pairing. From the get go, the poster just screams romantic drama with the main couple gazing into each other’s eyes and both of them bathed in the golden light of the sun.

Knowing Bai Lu, the chemistry between herself and her newest leading man will probably be great. She’s always managed to make it work before, regardless of whether it’s Leo Luo Yunxi, Allen Ren Jialun or Xu Kai. Likewise, it’s exciting to see Zhang Linghe in the leading man role once again now that he’s getting a lot of attention from his role as Lord Changheng in Love Between Fairy and Devil.

Also in the cast are Wang Xingyue and Zhou Junwei. Sally Liu Xiening who was a former member of South Korean girl group Gugudan is also in the line-up. She also debuted with the Chinese girl group BonBon Girls 303 through the survival show Produce Camp 2020.

Story of Kunning Palace Synopsis

In her past life, Jiang Xuening did everything in her power to become empress, not caring whom she hurt in the process. In the end though, her ambitious scheming were all for naught as she was forced to commit suicide. Reborn, she vowed to change her previous ways and stay away from the palace. However, all her plans go awry as a freak accident of sorts saw her in the palace once again, this time as a student to imperial teacher Xie Wei.

Despite her promise to herself to mend her ways, Jiang Xuening found herself once again embroiled in imperial affairs, secretly planning to stop “the blood crown ceremony” and saving the Yan family in the process.  Later, Jiang Xuening and Xie Wei join forces to untangle the truth of a conspiracy that happened 20 years ago, and in the process, fall in love.

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