Yang Mi Receives a Gift from BonBon Girls Wang Yijin

Yang Mi and Wang Yijin
Yang Mi and Wang Yijin
Wang Yijin shared a photo of herself with Yang Mi last December

Yang Mi just got a sweet surprise from BonBon GirlsWang Yijin yesterday who sent the superstar a painting in her own likeness. The excited actress immediately took to social media to gush about her gift and to thank Wang Yijin for her present.

Yang Mi's painting

Thank you Yi Jin Zi for the painting, the painting is really good @BonBonGirls303Wang Yijin” she wrote.

Wang Yijin joined the girl group BonBon Girls 303 after landing third in last year’s Produce Camp (Chuang 2020). I didn’t realise she and Yang Mi were super close but it’s very possible the pair have a nice big sister/mentor and mentee relationship thing going since Wang Yijin has been a signed artist under Jaywalk Newjoy (嘉行新悦) since 2018, the idol subsidiary of the media company Jaywalk Studio where Yang Mi is also a shareholder. Yijin also appeared in the spy drama Storm Eye which starred fellow Jay Walk artist Vin Zhang.

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