Xu Kai and Bai Lu Together as Leads for the Third Time in New Palace Drama

xu kai bai lu
Among the dramas unveiled at the recent Mango TV event is a new project that reunites Xu Kai and Bai Lu after the two played the main couple in The Legends and Arsenal Military Academy. Set during the Ming Dynasty, Shang Shi 尚食 is a historical drama about the culinary arts that follows a woman’s journey as she enters the palace and rises up the ranks through her cooking skills. Am I the only one thinking Jewel in the Palace

It seems that not everyone is happy with the repeated pairings involving the two as producer-writer Yu Zheng had to defend the casting choice. He explained that both leads were casted because they fit the role and not as a way to push the couple pairing. 
yu zheng
Yu Zheng took to social media to issue a warning towards toxic haters. He says, “Let me tell you something, it’s useless! I am a professional producer, casting has always been based on whether it’s a good fit or not. Could care less whether it pleases you or not. Leave the fandom, once the show airs on Hunan TV + Mango TV, fans will increase. Your criticisms can’t affect me, dream on!” He even cited that a certain actor who because of fans left a job last minute was blacklisted by three broadcasting networks. Yu Zheng added, “You can scold me and dislike me, that is your freedom, but, sorry, I will still go my way, see you at the latter half of next year when Shang Shi begins filming!”
When Bai Lu previously bore the brunt of hate from some Xu Kai fans, it was Yu Zheng who stood by the pair and even declared that more projects will be in store for them. No wonder he’s getting a rep as the couple’s biggest fan.
Truth be told, Huanyu Film seems to be promoting repeated pairings lately with Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan who keep working togetherThe same seems to be happening to Xu Kai and Bai Lu. Some may hate it, but I’m one of those who simply love it. The timing of this is kind of funny, I’m in the middle of watching Arsenal Military Academy.
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