Ashes of Love finale ratings, farewell to a memorable cast

Ashes of Love finale ratings, farewell to a memorable cast
Ashes of Love final ratings CSM %
Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 brought in CSM52 ratings of 1.322% and CSMNationwide ratings of 1.638% on its final day of airing and also broke past ratings of 2% in realtime at one point. It may not be as impressive as last year’s Princess Agents, which hit 2% for days despite being a 10pm show. but it definitely counts as a hit drama for the summer. 

I won’t bore you with my endless obsession over the show, other than to say that I’m really happy for the show and the cast. I am happy with the ending too, and the only thing I’m really sad about is that there will be no more episodes starting from today.

Ashes of Love Yang Zi as Jin Mi
Yang Zi as Jin Mi. She’s the heart of the show for me. Other than Yang Zi, I really can’t imagine anyone as Jin Mi because she was too good at it. It’s not an easy role to play with all the nuances required of a character who didn’t know love until she had lost it. 
Ashes of Love Deng Lun as Xu Feng
Deng Lun as Xu Feng. He’s a sweetheart. I hear his god of war persona was toned down a lot, and while we’ll never know how a more war-driven story would have panned out, this is a man who cried, bled and died for love. How does one not fall for that? 

Ashes of Love Leo Luo Yunxi as Run Yu
Leo Luo Yunxi as Run Yu. His biggest mistake was to chase after a love that was never his to begin with, hurting everyone in the process, including himself. I can’t help but take his side on everything else though. Each time he got flak for taking over the throne, I’m thinking, the King and Queen deserved to be overthrown. 
Ashes of Love Yukee Chen Yuqi as Liu Ying
Yukee Chen Yuqi as Liu Ying. She’s a consistent character throughout. I’m with most people on this one in that her romance with Mu Ci got way too much screen time in the grander scheme of things, but for what it’s worth, she’s the best girl friend Xu Feng can ever have. She’s also brilliant at giving Sui He the evil eye, which is plus points to her. 

Ashes of Love Wang Yifei as Sui He
Wang Yifei as Sui He. The villain everyone hates. Yet somehow, I find her story and her eventual outcome rather tragic. 

Ashes of Love Zou Tingwei as Qi Yuan / Mu Ci
Zou Tingwei as Mu Ci. I liked the actor since Siege in Fog and only wished that his character arc was written better. 

Ashes of Love Bella Du as Kuang Lu
Bella Du Yuchen as Kuang Lu. I’m still rooting for her to end up with Run Yu. They can be lifelong partners, in a way, they already are. 

Ashes of Love Xia Zhiyuan as Yue Lao (Moon Immortal)
Xia Zhiyuan as Yue Xia Xian Ren (Moon Immortal). It took some getting used to to see such a young actor playing Xu Feng’s uncle especially since his voice purposely didn’t match his face. Eventually, I learned to appreciate the humor behind it. 

Yue Lao is best wingman anyone could ask for. He’s a little too obsessed with getting Xu Feng and Jin Mi together though I supposed it’s part of the job as the god of marriage. 
Ashes of Love Daniel Liao Jinfeng as Pu Chi Jun (Snake Immortal)
Daniel Liao Jinfeng as Pu Chi Jun (Snake Immortal). Being so flamboyantly egotistic and unafraid to speak his mind, his lines are the best. His words to Jin Mi, “why give up on all the snakes in the world and go into the arms of dragon just because of one bird.”

Zhang Junran Ashes of Love Liao Yuan Jun
Zhang Junran as Liao Yuan Jun. Still waiting for this guy to be revived. 


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