Zhang Linghe Kicks Off Modern Drama with Xu Ruohan, His First in 3 Years

The BEst Thing
Zhang Linghe and Xu Ruohan

How cute is the spring themed poster of Zhang Linghe and Xu Ruohan’s upcoming drama The Best Thing 爱你? With yesterday being the first day of spring, the urban romance seems pretty on theme with its giant cherry blossom filled background at its boot ceremony today. The Best Thing is the drama adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Sheng Li.

The Best Thing tells the story of an anxious and insomniac hotel manager and a handsome Chinese medicine doctor. They meet unexpectedly and develop feelings for each other in the midst of medical consultations. When the adaptation was first announced, casting was a much discussed topic amongst book fans on social media. Now that casting for the main couple has been announced, the fresh pairing of Zhang Linghe and Xu Ruohan appears to be a good fit.

Zhang Linghe and Xu Ruohan

Zhang Linghe stars as male protagonist He Suye, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor with a gentle demeanor. Having drawn lots of attention in popular dramas such as My Journey to You, Story of Kunning Palace and Love Between Fairy and Devil, you can say that the actor is a pretty familiar sight in the costume historical set for the past three years. And that’s not even including the new ones he shot in 2023 along with unaired ones. Which is probably why Netizens have jokingly pointed out Zhang Linghe can finally leave his historical costumes in Hengdian!

Xu Ruohan who plays the heroine in the series left quite an impression in The Forbidden Flower and The Hope. Her character Cheng Yushan in the latter was especially heartbreaking. It’d be very interesting to see her tackling the intellectual yet fragile Shen Xifan in the show.

Zhang Linghe and Xu Ruohan star in The Best Thing

The Best Thing line-up also features Wang Youjun, Tang Jiuzhou, Huang Cancan and Zhou Yiru.

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