“My Journey to You” Reunites Esther Yu and Zhang Linghe, This Time She’s a Badass Assassin

"My Journey to You" Reunites Esther Yu and Zhang Linghe, This Time She's a Badass Assassin

So iQIYI suddenly dropped three episodes of My Journey to You 云之羽 last night, September 2. It feels like they rushed the broadcast, and I’m all for it given how uncertain things can be in C-dramaland where a scandal or pretty much anything can potentially make a drama disappear. There were even “whispers” that the show couldn’t air due to a minor actor’s alleged scandal, but it seems the show has it all sorted out. To think that it managed to air even before Story of Kunning Palace which saw its May premiere cancelled indefinitely.

First Impressions

My Journey to You brings the anticipated reunion between Esther Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe after last summer’s hit drama Love Between Fairy and Devil. He also levels up from the second lead who couldn’t get the girl to the male lead though it seems like their love story may still be headed for tragedy. Gone is the cutesy Esther Yu since she’s now a female assassin from a sinister organization. She’s on her last kill mission in exchange for her freedom. She infiltrates the Gong palace as Yun Weishan who’s one of the brides up for selection. Zhang Linghe plays Gong Zi Yu, a rebellious nobleman with a kind heart. I kind of like how different both leads are from their previous roles since Esther’s the serious one as opposed to Zhang Linghe who’s the “good for nothing” son in the Gong family.


Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao

The show’s shaping up to be a dark, wuxia suspense that reminds me a bit of Bloody Romance (another must watch!). I didn’t know anyone else in the cast, but the supporting characters have been intriguing so far, even actress Jin Jing whose role seems to be there for comedic effect somehow fits the story. A Familiar Stranger star Cheng Lei plays the commanding second lead Gong Shangjue opposite Lu Yuxiao’s “meek” but deadly assassin. Sun Chenjun plays Zhang Linghe’s bodyguard while Tian Jiarui plays the poison-wielding Gong Yuanzhi who’s the youngest of the Gong siblings. Zeng Keni, Joseph Zeng Shunxi and Chen Duling also make special appearances. The show has hit 8,500 on iQIYI heat index less than a day after premiere.

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