“I Am Nobody” aka “The Outcast” Live-Action Resumes Broadcast After A Month Long Suspension [UPDATE]

"I Am Nobody" aka "The Outcast" Live-Action Resumes Broadcast A Month After Suspension [UPDATE]

[UPDATE September 6] I Am Nobody (The Outcast) 异人之下, based on the popular Tencent webtoon Under One Person 一人之下, made a surprise premiere last August 4 only to have its broadcast suspended the next day citing issues with the medium. With only 4 episodes released and after a month wait, it’s finally back! The show will continue to drop new episodes from today onwards. It’s a show that has just the perfect blend of supernatural elements, family secrets, and martial arts to keep you entertained.

College student Zhang Chu Lan is a “nobody.” Everything changes when he gets a call that his grandfather’s burial has been trashed. There he meets a mysterious girl named Feng Baobao who claims he’s her slave. Things only become more interesting as Chu Lan ends up facing a bunch of monsters. He is saved by Baobao who demonstrates impressive skills with her knife. Chu Lan later discovers that the martial arts technique he had learned from his grandfather is highly sought after by many groups, all of whom have their own hidden agendas. And it seems like he may be an Outsider, a term for people with extraordinary powers.

"I Am Nobody" Starring Peng Yu Chang Brings to Life a Fantasy Action Series About "The Outsiders"

Peng Yu Chang, who also starred in another live-action as Lu Xia in the 2019 Chinese drama The Prince of Tennis plays the main protagonist alongside Back from the Brink’s Neo Hou Ming Hao and Wang Ying Lu who made her acting debut a few years ago in Dear Missy. Bi Wen Jun and Jiang Pei Yao are specially invited to star.

I Am Nobody is the latest in a long line of dramas based on webtoons. It also has a Chinese-Japanese anime version which was released in 2016 and has 4 seasons. The anime has won praise and a loyal following, which makes it a tough act to follow. Hopefully, the live action will live up to its predecessor.

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