Li Yitong and Jin Chen Are the Two Ladies Headlining China’s Gossip Girl in Dear Missy

gossip girl china
It seems like Upper East Side’s number one chatter box is heading to China. Sort of? What is being touted as China’s Gossip Girl entitled Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 has started filming in Shanghai. 
Anyone who’s seen the American TV show based on a book of the same name is probably all too familiar with the story about the lives of spoiled, rich kids and the troubles that they run into. Of course, at the helm are the two queen bees Serena and Blair. In the Chinese version, two beauties Li Yitong and Jin Chen will be portraying besties, but that’s also where the similarities end.  

china gossip girl li yitong
Lu Ke and Shen Siyi are two friends whose personalities are like day and night. Their friendship ends after graduation and one leaves for the US. The two are reunited nine years later when they end up working for the same magazine company. 
china gossip girl jin chen
Having seen the original, I really would welcome any remake but I doubt that it’s even possible for its explicit content to make it into a Chinese drama. The plot already sounds like a different story altogether though I do hope they retain the frenemies trope because it’s the heart of the show. 
I find the timing really funny since it wasn’t long ago when I heard that the CW show is returning with a new roster and now this. Is it Gossip Girl’s year or something? 

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