Zhao Yiqin Back with “Butterflied Lover,” Another Success from the Makers of “Provoke”

Zhao Yiqin Back with "Butterflied Lover," Another Hit from the Makers of "Provoke"

Another mini drama to keep an eye for is Butterflied Lover 风月变, which is currently airing on Mango TV and Sohu. Zhao Yiqin once again stars in this one but with actress Rain Lu Xiaoyu in the co-pilot seat. Unlike his revenge-themed Republican mini drama Provoke which also did very well in the ratings, Zhao Yiqin explores a slightly different genre in Butterflied Lover with its distinct Chinese-style horror theme going on. Despite this however, the series seems to be faring well with audiences as the show is number 1 on Vlinkage’s short-length drama (微短剧) category.

Zhao Yiqin reunites with Provoke director Zeng Qingjie who’s been known to put out good short-length dramas in the market such as The Killer is Also Romantic and A Familiar Stranger. Zhao Lin is also back onboard as the screenwriter.

Butterflied Lover Synopsis

Butterflied Lover

Despite its seemingly romantic posters, the story holds a bit of a surprise for viewers when trouble comes a-knocking as a mysterious group of women comes to town. Zhao Yiqin and Rain play Ling Changfeng and Tang Qianyue, a young married couple who are very much in love. On New Year’s Eve, their idyllic time is shattered when citizens are attacked by a group of women all with red eyes and strange patterns on their faces.

As commander of the troops protecting the city, Ling Changfeng rushes from his wife’s side to deal with the threat. He returns later only to find his wife lying in a pool of blood.  But things aren’t as it seems when Qianyue suddenly opens her red eyes and bites him in the neck. It appears his dear wife too has been “infected”.

Rain Lu

Butterflied Lover has 22 episodes and is around 20 minutes long. It also features Deng Kai as Changfeng’s brother Changjin and actress Wu Ri Li Ge. Together, they play the drama’s secondary couple. Wang Ruolin as we as Hu Dandan and Yang Ze from The Killer Is Also Romantic also star.

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