Two Sweet and Short Dramas with Episodes Over 10 Minutes

Two Sweet and Short Dramas with Episodes Over 10 Minutes

Nowadays, online short dramas aka short plays (lit.) 短剧 are becoming increasingly common in China. These productions which can be novel adaptations tend to be less costly with some shows made up of episodes only a few minutes long and featuring a lesser known cast. It certainly seems that the short and concise format has found an audience with younger viewers on their phones, and there are two recent ones that have managed to stand out among the rest.

The Only Girl You Haven’t Seen

A rebirth story follows A Qi, a woman who died in the hands of the man she loved and wakes up in the body of Leng Li (Wen Moyan), the unfavored daughter of the general of Yan. She is then married off to the fifth prince He Lianxuan (Wang Zuyi). Leng Li gradually falls in love with this “foolish prince” who is nothing but kind and gentle towards her. However, she eventually discovers a hidden side to him.

The Killer Is Also Romantic

Si Xiaonian (Hu Dandan), the beautiful owner of a clothing workshop, is set to marry her lover Yan Wuming (Yang Ze) who is a kind doctor. Contrary to their harmless persona, both are ruthless killers trying to keep their identities secret from each other.

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