“Love Between Fairy and Devil” Fan Meet Brings Back All the Feels and the Possibility of a Second Collab

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Love Between Fairy and Devil

Still not yet over Love Between Fairy and Devil 苍兰诀? The drama’s production may just have the thing for everyone still nursing a major hangover from the show. As an extra special treat for fans, the stars of the drama reunited one more time to hold a fan meeting via livestream last Saturday, September 17. And now, thanks to some of the star’s extra attention to capture more memories of the fun night, we also get a behind the scenes look at the shenanigans the super close cast were up to!

Love Between Fairy and Devil Meet Up

It was a summer without regrets, this kind of evening I have experienced for the second time. Thank you iQiyi, the creator of Love Between Fairy and Devil, friends of the series and everyone who loves us! We’re not saying goodbye. Little Orchid will love you forever” captioned a giddy Esther Yu Shuxin aka Little Orchid. Likewise, Dylan Wang Hedi also shared a fun little clip of everyone goofing off backstage.

Love Between Fairy and Devil cast goofing off

The Possibility of a Second Collab?

From interactions between the main leads to Zhang Linghe who played the second lead, it was a nostalgic event for fan of the show. Joe Xu Haiqiao and Cristy Guo Xiaoting who played tragic lovers as student and disciple even posed together for a photo. Moon tribe folks such as Taiwanese actor Charles Lin Borui who played Dylan’s ever-loyal right-hand man (dragon), Hong Xiao who payed Jie Li and Zhang Chenxiao who played the angsty brother were most definitely present.

During the fan meet, Esther Yu called on the show’s producer Wang Yixu to ask that he bring back the cast to film a school drama. She’d write the screenplay and even planned out everyone’s characters. That same night, Wang Yixu took to social media to respond to Netizens hoping for another project with the original cast. He wrote, “: “I understand, I understand, everyone’s wishes have been received. Modern drama! The script needs to be polished, let us be more patient, happily waiting for good works.”

Esther Yu Shuxin
Love Between Fairy and Devil cast
Cast of Love between Fairy and Devil backstage

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