Panda Impressions #33: Bloody Romance and Smile

Happy Friday! In a summer jam-packed with choices to watch, it can be hard to keep up! Here are some first impression posts on recent dramas

Bloody Romance

Bloody Romance First Impressions
So i had no expectations nor ideas regarding this drama and was very pleasantly surprised. 
The story begins with our lead female Li Yi Tong struggling through hardships of the peasantry and some how ends up at an assassin’s guild! By the second episode, you are hooked. She begins the selection and training progress. Will our Wan Mei (Li Yi Tong) make it through their first mission? heh, heh, heh. Some of the scenes are not for the faint of heart! Very gory and cruel. I am now looking forward to see how the relationship will develop between Wan Mei and Chang An, her shadow. How will Wan Mei’s own character develop as she becomes an assassin? – Contributed by Judy.


Smile First Impressions
Just Want To See You Smile, also known as Smile 想看你微笑 is a recently aired drama, starring Li Wenhan and Du Bella. Most of the story revolves around the creation of a new movie and all the factors involved. The story particularly focuses on Shu Zhan, a superstar that harbors a secret syndrome, and “actress” Xiao Xing, who has lens phobia, therefore usually plays a corpse or someone dying. It is a wonderful little drama, each episode zooms by because it’s packed with humor, an interesting plot, and character progression – as a bonus the acting is pretty decent, and the comedic scenes are perfectly executed. – Contributed by Andrea Kurzee. 
Smile First Impressions
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