“The Hope” Has Zhang Ruoyun Becoming the Biggest Cheerleader for His Students

Zhang Ruoyin
Zhang Ruoyun stars in The Hope

Ever had a teacher who had such a huge positive impact on your life? Zhang Ruoyun takes on the inspiring role of Lei Ming. He’s a teacher who never gave up on his students in the upcoming drama The Hope 鸣龙少年.  The series is a Chinese adaptation based on the manga Dragon Zakura. With multiple adaptations already out in Japanese (Dragon Zakura) and Korean (Master of Study), it’s fair to say that the youth drama is bound to be good.

The Hope

The series also teased the hilarious and crazy antics students get up to just to pass an exam. It takes a lot of dedication and creativity to come up with some of them like hollowing out books and duck taping multiple phones on their bodies. But then again we also get to see how dedicated Lei Ming and San Xia are to help their “kids” pass the dreaded gao kao (college entrance exams). “Why in the world is there such a thing as a gao kao? Because it’s to give you that very important fair shot!” An impassioned Zhang Ruoyun also added “from today onwards, as long as you come to class I will work with you to study hard for the college entrance examination ..” How lucky are these kids to have teachers so invested in their success?

Despite the pretty serious theme, there are also moments of comedy to break the seriousness. Cue the student who absolutely has to go to the toilet whenever he hears “nonsense”* Also, how cool is it that Lei Ming rolls up in his beloved motorbike?

The Hope is directed by Ding Hei and also stars Huang Yao as San Xia, Wang Qiang, Xu Ruohan, Li Mingde, Zhang Chen, Zeng Youzhen and Xu Qijie.

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