Zhang Linghe on Comments That He’s Unlucky, He Says He’s Very Thankful for His Role as Gong Ziyu

Zhang Linghe on Comments That He's Unlucky, He Says He's Very Thankful for His Role as Gong Ziyu

Zhang Linghe whose drama My Journey to You recently wrapped has another drama airing soon as he is a special star in Johnny Huang’s firefighter drama Bright Eyes in the Dark. The 25-year-old actor is among the stars whose buzz-worthy projects have him poised to become the next top star. However, there are also those calling him “unlucky” over things beyond his control. Story of Kunning Palace was postponed after securing a premiere. Heaven Official’s Blessing live-action, Eternal Faith, is still in limbo due to its theme. My Journey to You also had its own issues like being accused of having Japanese aesthetics. Nonetheless, the show has managed to finished airing.

Zhang Linghe recently took the time to share his thoughts. He said that the central theme of his role as Gong Zi Yu is growth, and it’s not the kind where the character suddenly has an epiphany because he is practically forced to grow. Zhang Linghe acknowledges that there are a number of negative comments about his character. He plays the kind-hearted Gong Zi Yu, who is somewhat rebellious in that he just wants to live freely. However, he is pushed into a position of power as the new leader of the Gong family.

On his journey to be worthy of his position, he says his character won’t instantly understand things or change into another person just because many things happened in one day, but rather, he is a person pushed by circumstances and the people around him. He matures slowly, overcoming the three trials to slowly become a young man. Even then, he feels his character still has room to grow.

At the end of the day, Zhang Linghe says he is very grateful that a character like Gong Ziyu appeared. He said, “Because everyone knows that there are a lot of voices saying that I am unlucky and so on, suddenly Gong Zi Yu foolishly came towards me.” He adds, “In such a short period, he was able to come to me at such a critical time. I am really grateful…” After all, it only took more than 5 months since filming wrapped for My Journey to You to air. Zhang Linghe says Gong Zi Yu might do things that people do not understand but he is very pure and kind, not to mention there is also a twist later on in the series.

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