La Mu Yang Zi’s “The Legendary Life of Queen Lau” Accused of Being Too Japanese

Queen Lau

So The Legendary Life of Queen Lau 我叫刘金凤 starring (Jackie Li) La Mu Yang Zi and Li Hongyi seems to have gotten booted off air in China. Previously, there have been complaints that the costumes and certain elements featured on the show were culturally inauthentic. If you search for the title now on Youku, the drama is nowhere to be seen on the website.

Giving Importance to Authenticity

Last week, the NRTA put out new guidelines emphasising the need for costumed dramas to “stay true” to the traditional Chinese aesthetic and the style prevalent during the historical period involved. For dramas, that means paying even closer attention to the details. Imitating “foreign styles” is now also a big no-no.

Queen Lau

In the case of Queen Lau, critics pointed out that some of the elements in the show appeared to be “Japanese”. For one, Netizens said the outfits worn by lead actress Jackie Li, who plays the titular character Liu Jin Feng, look like kimonos. They also pointed out the scene of her eating sushi. Others such as the headdress Wang Dong was wearing and the cherry blossom pattern worn by the actors also raised a lot of eyebrows.

While it could be explained that Queen Lau is a comedy with a completely fictional setting, many believe that the plethora of books documenting more than 5000 years worth of Chinese history and culture should provide enough material for a Chinese drama to draw inspiration from.

Wang Dong

The Legendary Life of Queen Lau Synopsis

Unlike most court dramas, Queen Lau is a refreshing change from the usual demure ladies we normally see. The heroine Liu Jin Feng, is a foul-mouthed woman who can hold her own in any fight. Everyone thought her marrying into the imperial family was one big joke. However, with her around, you can be sure that life in the usually staid court is anything but boring. Could the arranged marriage between the young emperor and his new wife turn out to be a match made in heaven after all?

Queen Lau

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