Fate of C-Dramas Adapted from BL Uncertain as “Justice in the Dark” Appears to Have Stopped Releasing New Episodes

"Justice in the Dark" Appears to Have Stopped Releasing New Episodes Leaving BL Drama Adaptations to An Uncertain Fate
Photo: Justice in the Dark / Youku

The whole genre of C-dramas adapted from BL novels can’t seem to catch a break. After an alleged ban in 2021, it had seemed that things were finally looking up with A League of Nobleman and Justice in the Dark airing this year.

Viewers Are Still Waiting for New Episodes to Drop

Justice in the Dark which aired last Saturday has yet to drop a single promo of its leads Steven Zhang Xincheng and Fu Xinbo even as the show already has 8 episodes available for streaming on Youku. What’s worse, Youku has not dropped any more episodes since then and it’s already been a week! Unless the episodes magically drop soon, it seems rumors of the show’s broadcast being put on hold may be true.

Misusing a Photoshopped Picture of Blackpink’s Rosé

It probably doesn’t help that the show was called out for a scene where Fu Xinbo who plays a cop is given photos of women to choose from when he pretends to be a “customer” looking for sexual services. The show was called out because one of the women was originally a picture of Blackpink’s Rosé but photoshopped so it doesn’t look like her. The show’s art team (九玄視覺) has since made a public apology to Rosé, her fans, the production team, the video platform and the viewers.

What Will Happen to the Rest of the Dangai?

When Justice in the Dark aired, many of the dangai aka upcoming dramas also adapted from BL novels trended along with it giving fans hope that they’d see the light of day soon. Yet it seems the fate of these dramas may once again be left uncertain. Nonetheless, having little to no promotion appears to have worked so perhaps that’ll do the trick.

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