New Guo Jing and Huang Rong in the 2024 Adaptation of ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’

The Latest Adaptation of "Legend of the Condor Heroes"

The much-loved “Legend of the Condor Heroes” (射雕英雄传) wuxia novel by late author Jin Yong has seen numerous adaptations over the decades. Let’s explore the legacy of these adaptations.

We’re Counting 8 Drama Adaptations

Depending on your birth year, you may have caught a remake of “Legend of the Condor Heroes” if you follow TVB. Each decade, a new version was released:

  • 1976: Jason Pai and Michelle Yim
  • 1983: Felix Wong and Barbara Yung
  • 1994: Julian Cheung and Athena Chu

Additionally, there was a 1988 Taiwanese adaptation starring Howie Huang and Idy Chan. Mainland China has also produced versions every few years:

  • 2003: Li Yapeng and Zhou Xun
  • 2008: Hu Ge and Ariel Lin
  • 2017: Yang Xuwen and Li Yitong
  • 2024: Ci Sha and Bao Shangen

That’s already seven adaptations, and we just added the eighth one this year.

Introducing The Legend of Heroes (2024)

Still based on Jin Yong’s “Legend of the Condor Heroes” wuxia novel, which is actually the first in a three-part trilogy, the 2024 adaptation has been retitled as “Legend of Heroes” (金庸武侠世界), with its Chinese title translating to “New Jin Yong Wuxia Universe“. This adaptation will have five parts:

  • Hot Blooded (铁血丹心)
  • Eastern Heretic and Western Venom (东邪西毒)
  • Southern Emperor and Northern Beggar (南帝北丐)
  • Nine Yin True Sutra (九阴真经)
  • Duel on Mount Hua (华山论剑)

The series opens with “Legend of Heroes: Hot Blooded” starring Ci Sha and Bao Shangen, which tells the Condor Heroes story many wuxia fans would know from childhood. If you’ve seen previous versions, so far, it’s the same story with new actors. The remaining four parts will further explore the story of other important characters such as Zhou Yiwei as Huang Yaoshi, Vengo Gao as Ouyang Feng and Ming Dao playing Hong Qigong. They are joined by Chen Duling, Peter Ho, Hanikezi, Meng Ziyi and He Yu.

The Legend of Heroes

New Guo Jing and Huang Rong

Ci Sha, known for his role in “Creation of the Gods,” plays the new Guo Jing. He’s an iconic character who grows into a very powerful figure, yet his personality remains somewhat wooden; he even refers to himself as “dumb.” While he isn’t truly so, his qualities make casting him challenging. Thus far, Ci Sha embodies the character quite well, showing Guo Jing’s strength, simplicity and integrity while Bao Shangen brings to life Huang Rong’s clever and mischievous nature.

In addition, “Lost You Forever” star Wang Hongyi plays Yang Kang, a complex and cunning character. Rounding out the main cast is Piggy Huang Yi as Mu Nianci, a chivalrous heroine who’s also Yang Kang’s love interest. You may remember her from her recent appearances in hit dramas “The Legend of Shen Li” and “The Tale of Rose.” Incidentally, Meng Ziyi, who played Mu Nianci in the 2017 version, now plays Mei Chaofeng.

Wang Hong Yi and Huang Yi

There’s a Movie Adaptation Too

So, what do you think of the new cast? This remake won’t be the last, as there’s also a high-profile movie version starring Xiao Zhan as the new Guo Jing opposite Sabrina Zhang as the new Huang Rong. This year marks what would have been Jin Yong’s 100th birthday, even after his passing. Some wonder if there are too many remakes of the same story, but perhaps each generation can have its own favorite.

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