First Impressions of “The Legend of Shen Li,” the Best Ending for the “Princess Agents” Couple

First Impressions of "The Legend of Shen Li," a Record-Breaking Success

The Legend of Shen Li” has finally graced our screens and for fans of “Princess Agents,” it’s like receiving the best gift imaginable. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear the whole time Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin were onscreen together.

Finding Closure from ‘Princess Agents’

We’re all too familiar with how Princess Agents’ ending left us feeling devastated. It’s been seven long years, and the joy of seeing the two stars reunited isn’t just about their collaboration again, it’s almost as if they’re intentionally paying homage. From their characters’ familiar quirks down to moments like the scene where Lin Gengxin falls into the water and Zhao Liying rushes to his rescue. This time around she saves him. And in the comedic tone of “The Legend of Shen Li,” she gets him out of the water by pulling his hair.

30000 Tencent heat index

The Legend of Shen Li Ratings

There was a lot of anticipation around “The Legend of Shen Li” even before premiere. After all, it’s Zhao Liying’s newest historical. It’s also her awaited reunion with the 36-year-old actor after their previous hit. Thus far, the show doesn’t just meet those expectations—it surpasses them with flying colors. It’s been ranking high whether it’s on TV or online platforms. It’s also set the record as the fastest show to reach 30,000 heat index in the history of Tencent after just over one day (25 hours and 39 minutes to be exact). Zhao Liying now holds the record as the actress to hit a milestone on all three platforms since Wild Bloom and The Story of Xingfu hit 10000 on iQIYI and Youku respectively.

I’m all caught up and oh my goodness, it seems like the story is about to reach its boiling point. The two protagonists share their first kiss just before facing a heart-tugging separation. With so many climactic moments on the horizon, I can’t help but wonder if my heart will be able to handle the emotional rollercoaster especially after being spoiled with so much sweetness.

Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin

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